The Day I Met Him.

The day I met Niall Horan, my world was turned upside down.


2. The Surf

Phoebe's P.O.V. 

Chapter 1:The Surf. 


I sat down on my board and stared out to sea. It was only six in the morning but the beach was full of prissy girls in bikinis and un-needed lifeguards. St. Mark’s beach was one of the most popular beaches in the neighborhood. I stood up, letting the wind blow my hair back. Picking up my board, I trudged through the wet sand towards the sea and prepared myself for the large waves. When the sea swept towards me, I put my board on the water and sat down. The wave bombarded some amateur surfers- not to be rude, but honestly they came every week and never caught a single wave. I looked back once more and saw five boys coming towards me on my wave. Surfers rules, never catch someone else's wave. I rolled my eyes and prepared myself to battle for this3 wave. The five boys looked familiar. Just as I realized who they were, the blonde one crashed into my board, knocking me backwards into the wave. One Direction stole my wave. I opened my eyes and found five pairs of eyes staring down at me. “She’s awake.” a husky voice said. I muttered “Good job Captain Obvious!” They all laughed and I stood up, dusting my wetsuit off. “So? What are you staring at?” I asked. The blonde one who crashed into me nudged the taller one and looked behind himself nervously. Hundreds of girls were screaming and running towards us. The blonde one shouted over the crowd “I’m Niall, this is Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn!” “I’m Phoebe!” I shouted back. They all nodded and grinned. I gestured to them and then pointed towards the nearby beach motel. I sprinted forward and waited for them to follow. They all passed me. Wow, I guess boy bands have to be fast runners in order to escape the crazy fans! As soon as the fangirls were out of sight I began to talk “What are you doing here?! This is Australia! Not California!” “Well, Miss Phoebe, we are actually here to perform on a TV show.” replied Harry, the one with the husky voice. Niall nodded and asked “Do you have any food?” Louis laughed and said “That’s all you think of!” I smiled, nodded and began “Fish and chips in the corne-.” I was interrupted by Niall rushing past me towards the food. Aw. I thought, Niall was cute, wait, why am I saying this? The boys looked at the clock and Zayn spoke for the first time. “Lads, we better get going! It’s 8 in the morning and we promised Paul we would be back at the hotel at 8:30.” Niall looked upset as Zayn ushered the boys out. “Bye Phoebs.” He smiled. The other boys echoed him and walked out the door. I waved and smiled back. A moment later I realized something, I was in love. 




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