The Day I Met Him.

The day I met Niall Horan, my world was turned upside down.


1. Phoebe's Bio:


Hey, Phoebe here. I have blondish brown hair, blue eyes and a slight tan. Your typical Californian girl-not really. I’m Australian. I stand at about 5’5. Shortie? I’ve heard it all before. My older brother Travis is the tall one in the family, 6 foot. Anyway, enough about me, surfing is my passion. I want to go pro someday but for now I’m    studying at college to be a engineer. To keep rent up at my flat I work at our local store. The people who come to the shop are hardly rich, usually from the nearby neighborhoods. I usually stare out the window and wish that I was out there surfing. Mom’s a writer and Dad’s a Doctor. I live on the beach. Literally, on the sand. With my besties Taylor and Bailey. We attend the same college too. :) I think that’s all you need to know about me! 



Facts about Phoebe

Loves Surfing Likes the colour turquoise Hates her job Loves to eat brownies ( Hates her older brother (In a fun way.) 
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