The Day I Met Him.

The day I met Niall Horan, my world was turned upside down.


4. Lovesick

Phoebe's P.O.V.

"Niall Horan" I typed in on my laptop as soon as the boys turned the corner. 

"One Direction think Niall Horan will get married first" 

"NiallOfficial on Twitter" 

So many more things came up, love, hate, devotion. I checked out his twitter, he seemed like an amazing guy, so kind, friendly and loving. His tweets were funny, cute and adorable. Those words all mean the same thing, but I knew that Niall was the guy for me. The rest of the day, I thought about him, his laugh, his adorable smile, all of him. I had downloaded One Direction's album onto my phone. The soundtrack for the rest of my day was his gorgeous voice. Was I fangirling? No. Was I obsessing? Yes. 

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