First Comes Love...

When Maya and Makayla go on a trip to England for Maya's 18th birthday, they fun into Harry Styles and Liam Payne in a small bakery in Holmes Chapel. Little did they know, these boys were soon to be international superstars.


5. Sleepovaa

Makayla's POV****

"Harry?" I said. "Is that you?"
"Makayla?" Harry squealed.
I looked over to Maya. 
"OH MY GOD!" We all screamed in unison.
We all greeted each other with a hug. We caught up, and started talking about how much we all changed.

"Harry I have had the biggest crush on you for forever!" I said, blushing.
We all laughed.

"Do you want to come to dinner with us?"  Niall said

"Of course!!" Maya and I squealed.
"Do you know any good resturants around here?" Zayn asked.

Maya and I looked at each other... and we both knew exactly where we wanted to go.

"McDonald's in Times Square!" We both squealed.

"What?" The boys said in unison.
"Not only is this the best Mikky D's ever, but it is where we discovered you guys! It has two stories and a dance floor! You will love it!" I said, Maya nodding.

Harry's POV****

Wow, the first time I have seen Makayla since forever! She got really mature and gorgeous. Her hair is now a light brown color and curly. It used to be black and straight? Whatever. I noticed Zayn looking at her too. He better not..

"So, what have you been up to?" Maya said.
"Ohh nothing, just became world famous and all, what about you?"
"I'm a well known graphic designer and Maya is an actress" Makayla replied. We all looked at them amazed. I stared to applaud and the others did too. They both started to blush. 

"Do you guys want to come over after dinner?" Makayla said.
"Yeah, sure!" Said Zayn. I gave him a blank stare.
"Yeah!" we all agreed. We hurried to finnish dinner.
We all piled into Maya's Van. Just enough room.
I saw Makayla whisper something to Maya. They both looked back and giggled. I was soooo going to make my move tonight.

Makayla's POV********

We finally arrived at our house. Yay! We all walked in.
"Nice place!" Louis said.
"Thank you!" Maya replied.

We all went into the Den. Deffinatly not enough room.

"There's enough room in Makayla's room!" Maya squealed. I gave her a death glare. Yes, my room was huge. Yes, it would hold all of us easily. No, I didn't want anyone in there.

"Fine." I said. I grabbed my favorite movie, Mean Girls, and we all ran up there.

I quickly ran into my bathroom to change into soffee shorts and a tanktop.
I walked out, with my hair up in a messy bun and all my makeup off. I don't give a shiittt.
I walked out. Harry was on my bed. So I climbed in next to him. 

Liam looked back at us.
"Don't do anything you will regret guys!" Liam said with a serious face.
"I promise I wont!" I told him, then looked at Harry who raised his eyebrows.
I pressed play on the tv and my phone lit up. Unknown number texted me.

"Hey babe (:" Harry...
I looked over and Harry winked at me. I put down my phone and snuggled into his chest. 

The movie was half way over. Liam and Maya were asleep, Niall was in the kitchen, Louis was with Niall, and Zayn was on his phone. I guess we are having a sleepover!

Louis walked in. "Guys! Bad news! The tour bus broke down, and they are lost, they aren't even in New York anymore! They said to go to a hotel for the night.."

"No! You can stay here as long as you need to!" I said.
"You sure?"

Harry looked over at me. I layed down next to him and feel asleep quickly. 

About 3 hours later, it was one A.M. I woke up and No one was in my room. I quickly got up and explored the house. 

I saw Zayn in the Den watching some TV.

"Hellooooo" I said.
"Oh, um hi!" Zayn said softly.
"Are you feeling ok?" Mama makayla mode-on.
"Just a headache."
"Hold on!" I ran into the kitchen and got some asprin. 
"Here you go."
"thank you!"
I sat down next to him and he put his arm around me. I cuddled into his arm and we fell asleep. I woke up and hour later from a bad dream. I ran into Harry's guest room.
I shook Harry and he woke up. 
"I had a nightmare!" I said.
"Ok, get in." I went into Harry's bed and cuddled up next to him. I suddenly realized that he was only in his underwear. Aw well. 

I feel asleep to the warmth of Harry's body. He woke up before me the next morning and started making breakfast for all of us. A day full of fun was on the way woohoo!

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