First Comes Love...

When Maya and Makayla go on a trip to England for Maya's 18th birthday, they fun into Harry Styles and Liam Payne in a small bakery in Holmes Chapel. Little did they know, these boys were soon to be international superstars.


4. Oh my God...

Maya's P.O.V.
"Makayla! Oh my God! I just got us two front row tickets to Madison Square!" I screamed. "How? That's amazing! Who's singing?" She answered, walking in the room. "Drumroll please," I said. She sat down and started slapping the table. "ONE DIRECTION!" I screamed. She jumped up and gave me a bear hug, or a Niall hug as we call it. We both loved One Direction. I loved Liam, he seemed so much like this guy I met three years ago at a bakery. We lost contact, though. Makayla loved Harry. She thought the same about this other guy we met, also at the bakery three years ago. They also lost contact. "Here's the best part," I said. "We got backstage passes!" I exclaimed. "Maya I love you to death right now," Makayla said jumping up and down. "Don't you always?" I said arrogantly. She elbowed me. "Of course, but now over all," she said. After our trip to England, we came back to the U.S. and bought an apartment together in New York. No, not the city, we bought in East Hampton, where I was born. Makayla is a very well-respected graphic designer, who happens to get paid very well, and I am a movie actress. We both found it funny that for middle school, high school, and college we both went to the same arts schools and ended up having a profession in that area. We went and watched the video diaries of the boys for the millionth time, and went to bed after we ate dinner.

*****two weeks later*****

Maya's P.O.V.

I put on my Liam shirt, put a plaid button-down over it, put on skinny jeans and Converse, and walked over to Makayla's room. "Nice blazer and Harry shirt. We need to leave soon if we want to get there on time," I said. She slipped on her Toms, grabbed her bag, and we walked out the door. We plugged my iPhone into the car, and started listening to the entire "Up All Night" album. "If I'm louder, would you see me, would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?" I sang along to my favorite song from the album, "More Than This" as we pulled up. I took my phone and we went to the door. "Oh my goodness this is amazing," Makayla breathed. "Yeah, it really is," I replied. The ticket man ripped our tickets, and we went to our seats.
Liam's P.O.V.
The concert was amazing. One of our best ones. Harry and I were talking as some fans walked up to us for pictures and everything. One girl came up to me and and asked for a picture. She was beautiful. After we took the picture, I told her I was adding my number. She seemed to be fangirling inside. As I went to "contacts," I saw a contact called 'Liam' and clicked on it. I saw my personal email. Then everything clicked. "Maya?"
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