First Comes Love...

When Maya and Makayla go on a trip to England for Maya's 18th birthday, they fun into Harry Styles and Liam Payne in a small bakery in Holmes Chapel. Little did they know, these boys were soon to be international superstars.


6. Dani and Shopping

Maya's POV***
I woke up the next morning and all the boys were in the kitchen, Makayla was sleeping, as usual, so I went in with all of the boys. "Good Morning Gorgeous!" Liam said with a smile and greeted me with a hug."Good Morning!" The other boys said "Good Morning boys! Listen, lets all go wake up Makayla. What should we do?" "I don't know, will she hurt us if we jump on her?" Niall said with a smile. "Probably not!" I squealed."Ok, we got this," They all ran into Makayla's room, and boy was she going to be mad.!

Makaylas POV***
I thought I would be able to sleep for a few more minutes, and right when I dozed off, I heard, "GOOD MORNING MAKAYLA!" and I felt my body being trampled by five, obviously strong boys. "Ugh, I hate you guys," I groaned and pushed them off. They were all laughing so hard. "You up yet?" Niall asked. "No, grr you," I said, and put my head under the pillow. "I'm gonna splash cold water on you if you don't wake up," Louis said. "No, Lou, you won't," I said. A couple minutes later, just as I fell asleep, ice water came like a tsunami on to me. "LOUIS TOMLINSON I HATE YOUR GUTS SO MUCH! I WILL GET YOU!" I jumped out of bed and chased Louis around the house. I saw Maya in the kitchen, drinking coffee. "Morning, Kayla," she said like everything was normal. "Morning, Maya, LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW OR I SWEAR!" I threatened. Maya snickered as I ran out. I finally caught Louis and started to tickle him. "HAHA! I GOT YOU NOW! ATTACK OF THE TICKLE MONSTER!" I yelled. He was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. "Oh, kay, fine, you, win," he said, gasping for breath. "KAYLA! ZAYN AND I ARE GOING TO DANI'S! SEE YOU IN A BIT!" Maya shouted to me. "KAY, SAY HI FOR ME!" I yelled back. "Since I won, I get to pick the movie! I pick...FINDING NEMO!" I say to Louis. We put it in and we started watching.

Maya's P.O.V.***
Zayn and I left for my friend Dani's house. I knew she had a major crush on Zayn, and Zayn seemed lonely, so I decided to set them up. "What does Danielle look like? Anything like Liam's ex? That won't be so good..." Zayn started. "She is tan, brown hair, brown eyes, super sweet and funny, and she speaks Spanish. She's really pretty. I call her Bradford Bad Girl. It seems most people forgot her real last name; she goes by Dani Malik. Her school ID in middle school, well, somehow she got it to say Danielle Malik," I said. His eyes lit up at her description. "So basically the exact opposite of you?" he asked. I glared at him. "No! Not personality wise, look wise!" he corrected himself. I continued to glare. "Oh! Yeah, and the thing look wise you both have in common is that you're really pretty?" he asked. "Good job Zayn. You figured it out," I said sarcastically. His face lit up at that. "Really? I figured it out? Yay!" he said truthfully. "Oi," I muttered to myself as I pull up at Dani's apartment building. We go up to her floor, and I told Zayn to stay around the plant until I mentioned him. I rang the doorbell. "Oh hey Maya! Vas happenin'?" She asked. "Oh, nothing much, I brought a friend that you might like. On cue, Zayn walked up to us. He almost fainted then and there. So did Dani. "So, I thought you guys would like to go shopping with the rest of the boys, Makayla, and me?" I asked them. "Yes, sure, totally, I love you, be right out!" Dani ran in to her apartment. "I'm in love," Zayn said. "So is she, with you!" I said, elbowing him. Dani ran back out. "Ready, lets go get the rest of the group!" she said. We went to the car, and Zayn already asked Dani to be his girlfriend. She said yes and hugged him. That was fast...

Makayla's P.O.V.***
Maya, Dani and Zayn walked in holding hands. "HELLO!" all the boys said in unison to Dani. "Oh my God, um, hey One Direction. I'm Danielle, but you can call me Dani," she introduced herself. Liam's face dropped. "She forgot to mention that her new boyfriend as of ten minutes ago is Zayn Malik!" Zayn said. So fast, I thought. "Alright everyone, we're going shopping!" Maya said, grabbing Liam's hand. We all got into two cars and drove to the mall.

Louis' P.O.V.***
Wow, she's beautiful. No, I can't fall for her! I thought. I knew it. I was falling for Maya. Like Harry fell for Makayla, when she was taken. I knew Maya wasn't available, but I still liked her anyway. We got to the mall and went into Abercrombie. "Liam! I can get the girl version of this and you can get the boy version, and we can match!" she squeeled, holding up a plaid shirt. "Yeah, okay babe! Let's go find one for me!" he said and ran off. I could be the one buying her red jeans like mine, I thought. No! Bad Boobear! I started looking at some striped shirts, when I noticed everyone leaving. I caught up with them, and we ran into the candy store. "It's amazing how we haven't been mobbed-" "OH MY GOD ONE DIRECTION! AHH!" some girls screamed. "So much for that, Louis," Niall said. We signed autographs, took pictures, and left. As we were in the candy store, I felt someone tugging on my suspenders. "Excuse me, Louis? Can you help me reach the Twix
candy?" a little girl said. "Of course! How do you know me?" I asked as I lifted her up. "My sister has some disease that makes all your hair go bye-bye, and all she talks about is you," the girl answered. "Where is your mom?" I asked. She pulled me to a lady. "Oh, wow sweetie! Is that Louis? I'm sorry, she must be bothering you-" "Oh, no, not at all, I was wondering if you could FaceTime or Skype your daughter? I heard about her being sick, and I wanted to make her feel better," I cut her off. "You would do that? That is so sweet. Hold on a second," she said and pulled out her phone. "Hi mom? What's going on?" a beautiful girl said. "Janie, sweetie, loon who wants to say hi?" the lady said, and hands me the phone. "Hello Janie! I'm Louis, and your little sister told me that you like One Direction, so I'm Louis, and I hope you feel better!" I say. "Wow! Louis! I never thought I would ever meet you, even if not really face to face! Thanks Louis! Can you give my sister an autograph for me? I love you and the band so much!" Janie said. "Sure, get better, okay?" I said. "Okay! You are so nice for doing this! I love you guys!" she replies. Face Time ended, and I signed a paper. I put my number and personal email there too.
I said goodbye to the girl and her mom, and left the cans store to look for the guys and girls.

A/N: Hey peoples! Okay so I know it says that Malayla wrote this, but I wrote the entire chapter from the first Makayla's P.O.V. (I decided to take my deserved credit) So basically Makayla wrote a couple sentences and I wrote the rest. I have two pet peeves: Punctuation/Grammar and when someone else recieves credit for my work, even if it is a crappy chapter like this one. Anyway, I love you guys to pieces and keep reading!
Glen Coco (MayaPayne) (I have an obsession with the movie "Mean Girls")
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