First Comes Love...

When Maya and Makayla go on a trip to England for Maya's 18th birthday, they fun into Harry Styles and Liam Payne in a small bakery in Holmes Chapel. Little did they know, these boys were soon to be international superstars.


3. Authors note, Sorry Please Read!

A/N: Hello lovelies! Ok, I'm sorry but I dont really want to make like 3 chapters about what happens over the next two years with Maya, Makayla, Liam, and Harry, so I'm going to tell you what happened in an Authors note. OK, well, They all talked for about 3 months. Then, they kind of lost connection, and Harry and Liam went on the x Factor. Since Maya and Makayla live in the USA, they didn't know about it. Ok and thats it. I'm going to write what happens in another chapter. Ok i love you all yay! OH! AND if anyone wants to follow me on Twitter my twitter is Makayla_Styles1 haha i know, fetus name. Kill me. Byyee!

A/N: Hey peoples! It's Maya here! So as you may have guessed I am now co-writing this fanfic...Makayla and I co-write a lot...(movella: "Want U Back" check it out) Anyway that's all I wanted to tell you! Thanks for letting me waste your time!
Luv ya guys!

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