Beware the haunted house in translyvania

A girl who has no fear but brave to do anything ,her friends dare her to go to the forbiddan house up the mountain where no one come out of it,once your up there ,theres no way out .the only thing she got dared to do is stay in the house for the night on hallowen (but could she survive?).......


1. The lengendry

As bright sun goes down and the moon rise up the noise of  howling wolf heard around.hollawen is born for the night as creatures become awake.the curse of the haunted house was born.

the lengendry story was 200 years back in transyvania where william manascy had power to do anything but there was once where he couldnt defeat the curse of the haunted house he died, before the second he died he had to choose a person who is not afraid to do anythng ,has no fear of anything and brave to do could be a girl or boy and be 100 years later or 200 years later any year.the person who got chosen to defeat the curse doesnt know its them the chosen one. the curse is powerful creatures become awake every hallowen and thousands people dies each hallowen.

the sky is dark and clouds hide the town its cursed for good but one person could save it a teenager girl who live in america a ordianry, a girl who leads her life perfectly but an arrow we lead her to break the curse for life and the people who died  are free to go for good.

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