My Direction... [1D Love Story]

This is my first movella! I hope you like it. Its about a girl named Marie that loves so much One Direction who dreams about meeting her in her house. What would happen if that dream comes true? How lucky would be one meeting One Direction! She and her best friend Nicole ( Marie calls her Wiggle Wiggle ) are trying how to meet One Direction. Marie lives with her aunt Tia, because her mom died in a fire accident (was a firefighter) and her dad works at morning and sometimes doesn't gets back from work. She's worried. She moved to the United Kingdom, London and she gets more exited with her friend living there too. She and Nicole get along all day. How fun! But... she saw One Direction in a limo, but didn't say anything to reveal them into public. Also she brought her pug to U.K. Now it's time to see if Marie and Nicole are really going to meet them..... Would they meet them?... Discover it in this Movella... ~Mariestyles


4. The Bedroom

Harry's POV:

"Can we go to your room?" I said at her. She akwardly nodded.We got to the room as she sat in the bed, I closed the door. "Yes Harry?" She said. She was stunning. She had a white polo with a V neck, some lue super skinny jeans and red converse ( I love converse!) " Harry?..." She said, "Why did you brought me here?" she said. "I wanted to ask you something" I said while sitting in the bed. "I....l-" Someone interrupted us opening the door. I inmedeately knew it was.... "Niall you fucking scared me!!" Marie said putting her hand on her chest. "Sorry...I just was worried about you 2" Marie opened her mouth to talk but I said "It's okay Nialler. We are OKAY" Putting a smile of what I just have said Niall shut the door and went screaming like a girl downstairs. I heard him shout from the kitchen "BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! LOVE BIRDIES UPSTAIRS!!!!!!!" I just sighed and laughed. Marie just laughed and looked at me with her beautiful blue-greenish eyes. She was so damn cute...


Niall's POV:

I went downstairs and through the kitchen screaming "BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! LOVE BIRDIES UPSTAIRS!!!!!!!" Nicki and the lads went running upstairs opening the door of Marie's room. They just peeked one eye in them and all was revealed. I went upstairs too! I don't wanna miss all the action! Back to the love birds.

"I know we only met... but.." Harry said... "Let's pretend it's love!!!!" I shouted running in the room and jumped in the bed. Obviously I got off my shoes, to be mean WHITE TOMS!!! I stopped jumping and looked at Zayn. "Sorry mate I said your line..." We all laughed... "Ahhh...." I said in relief. all stared at me "I'm hungry!!!" I said with sobs. Marie hugged me and said " Aww don't worry Niall we'll get some food soon" .I looked at Harry "I'm stealing her" in a whisper. I knew he was upset 'cuz he had... and upset face..

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