My Direction... [1D Love Story]

This is my first movella! I hope you like it. Its about a girl named Marie that loves so much One Direction who dreams about meeting her in her house. What would happen if that dream comes true? How lucky would be one meeting One Direction! She and her best friend Nicole ( Marie calls her Wiggle Wiggle ) are trying how to meet One Direction. Marie lives with her aunt Tia, because her mom died in a fire accident (was a firefighter) and her dad works at morning and sometimes doesn't gets back from work. She's worried. She moved to the United Kingdom, London and she gets more exited with her friend living there too. She and Nicole get along all day. How fun! But... she saw One Direction in a limo, but didn't say anything to reveal them into public. Also she brought her pug to U.K. Now it's time to see if Marie and Nicole are really going to meet them..... Would they meet them?... Discover it in this Movella... ~Mariestyles


2. My dream comes TRUE!!!

Marie's POV:

I woke up at 9:36 a.m. I hopped out of the bed with my eyes still closed, I tuned around and fall in the ground. "Ow!!" I screamed. I lived alone, so nobody could hear me. I lifted up and walked into the shower getting off my pijama ( or however it says) while singing "Live while we're young" from One Direction.

I got my nice and warm bath and put a towel on and dryed myself. I put on a white polo with a V neck, some blue super skinny jeans and some red converse. I went downstairs and right to the refrigerator, got some cereal and strawberries. I ate them while seeing t.v, I washing the dishes and thinking about One Direction in that Limo. I liked all but I didn't know who I liked most. "Big Question!! I want a big answer!!!" I shouted and then someone knocked the door. I was scared... Maybe it was Nicki.... MAYBE.. just maybe...



Nicki's POV:

After I ate something in my parent's house, Niall, the lads and I went to Marie's house. Wow surprise she was there shouting "Big Question, I want a big answer!!!" I heard that. Our Social Studies teacher said that before, I was surprised she stills remember that. Maybe she said something in her mind that remembers that memory. I guess what...


I knocked the door. No one opened it. Someone said a 'hello' in a male voice. "Heellooo?!!?" I said. "Oh wait a minute" someone said still in a male voice. "Surprise! Surprise!" I said. She just shocked at me... 



Marie's POV: 

"Surprise! Surprise!" Nicki said. I just stared at her in a serious face and schocked. "Hello? Are you okay?" someonne said, I know it was Louis' voice. "Marie Danieli!" Nicki said my name, I feeled it wasn't the first time she called it. She clapped her hands in front of my eyes and I woke up of my thoughts.


"H..ey..." I said, nervously. "Argh!! This happens with all the girls! VAS HAPPENIN' WORLD!?!?" Zayn said, and all nodded her heads and a couple of 'yes' . I walked up to him, mad. I got closer to him as my breath touched his nose. He absolutely knew I was mad, the lads knew I was mad. "What type of girl am I Zayn?!? I'm normal like any human in this WORLD!" I shouted in his face. He put a sarcastic smile and looked at my eyes. I shocked.. He's eyes were like if I was in Wonderland. Nicki stopped my thoughts... again with a clap.




How was this chapter!??!! I hope you liked it!!! it tooked my like 32 minutes to write this one. I think is going to be more interesting in the next chapter. I'll do the next chapter tomorrow, it's 6:50 in my country. Bye readers!! ~Mariestyles

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