My Direction... [1D Love Story]

This is my first movella! I hope you like it. Its about a girl named Marie that loves so much One Direction who dreams about meeting her in her house. What would happen if that dream comes true? How lucky would be one meeting One Direction! She and her best friend Nicole ( Marie calls her Wiggle Wiggle ) are trying how to meet One Direction. Marie lives with her aunt Tia, because her mom died in a fire accident (was a firefighter) and her dad works at morning and sometimes doesn't gets back from work. She's worried. She moved to the United Kingdom, London and she gets more exited with her friend living there too. She and Nicole get along all day. How fun! But... she saw One Direction in a limo, but didn't say anything to reveal them into public. Also she brought her pug to U.K. Now it's time to see if Marie and Nicole are really going to meet them..... Would they meet them?... Discover it in this Movella... ~Mariestyles


9. Don't worry..

Marie's POV:

When I heard that Nikki is dating with Lou because thanks of Harry he yelled that. I just got up and said " Nicole!!!!!!!!! Nikki I'm your wiggle! Why you did this!! I thought Wiggles don't hide anything! " I just went running upstairs in tears. She called my name a couple of times, I just ignored her. Why Nikki hide this... She should have called, text me or something ! 

Nikki's POV:

I yelled at her many times but she didn't listen... We had so many funny times... and my favorite word.. FUDGE!


Nikki: Can you buy me some pop tarts please?

Marie: Sure babe! 

*after she buys it and gaves it to her*

Nikki: Thank you! Wanna hear Little Things?

Marie: That's not a question! And your welcome.

*End of flashback* 


We had many good times... I miss them.. I just shrugged my shoulders and sat in the couch with the others.  The lads were looking at me like : Aren't you going to do something? Then I said "Fine!" . I went upstairs and knocked Marie's door. "It's me" I said. No answer. I knocked the door again and called her name a few times. I was getting worried. "Guys! Help me! I can't open the door! Something is wrong with her!!" I said. The boys went upstairs the most fast they could. Now I was kicking the door...

Louis' POV: 

When Nikki called us the lads and I ran upstairs very fast. I can say I fled! "Look for a key!" Nikki said. I looked for a key, they were many keys.. "Brake the door! It won't work with keys!" Niall said. We all agreed. 

Harry's POV:

I was about to ask Marie out (date her). I just can't believe what I saw... Marie was in an ocean of blood... Did she cut herself so bad!?!? I went running to her. Crying, the lads were too. Zayn called the hospital. In minutes the ambulance was already here. I went with her in the ambulance, just grabbing her hand. "ARe we there yet?" I said. "Almost" the driver said. "Please hurry! I don't want to loose her!" I said.


Zayn's POV:

Nikki, Louis, Niall, and I went in my car. We were following the ambulance. I parked the car, and went out with the lads, I was very worried as the lads were too. I hope nothing bad happens to her..


Marie's POV:

I was in a white room. There was no doors, no windows. It was filled of fire. I was scared. I was screaming for someone to help me.

"Help! Help me! Where am I?!" I said.

"Doctor, she's in coma. Is there any serious injuries?" A woman said.

"She loose many blood. We have to request a donor." The Doctor said.

"No! NO! Am I in the hospital? Where are the boys?" I said, many of these questions were in my head. Someone opened the door in the hospital. I can say it by the sound.

"Harry, right?" The woman said.

"Yes. Harry Styles" Harry said.

"Harry!? Harry!? Help me! Get me out of here!" I said. 

"She's moving! Doctor, Doctor!" The woman said. Harry took my hand and said so many beautiful things. Now the doctor and the women wasn't in here. "Harry, I know that I can't see you but.. You're everything to me." I said.

"Babe, I know you can hear me... come back please..I need you.. I want you back! " Harry said. 

"Am trying to babe! If only I could get out of here.." I said between tears. I was looking for a door or window....






Wz upp!!!!!!!!! Sorry I didn't update a loooooong time ago! I hope you guys forgive me!! :) Anyway!  I hope you like the chapter! My friend Nikki gave me some ideas and am going to put that. Also she's the author or the movella called 'More Then Friends' I know you guys love herr!!! She told me all what its going to happen!!!!!!! FUDGEE!! It's interesting guys! Her twitter is @jnicole1013  Follow her please!!! :)

For any questions or suggestions, comment below! :) Thanks. 



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