My Direction... [1D Love Story]

This is my first movella! I hope you like it. Its about a girl named Marie that loves so much One Direction who dreams about meeting her in her house. What would happen if that dream comes true? How lucky would be one meeting One Direction! She and her best friend Nicole ( Marie calls her Wiggle Wiggle ) are trying how to meet One Direction. Marie lives with her aunt Tia, because her mom died in a fire accident (was a firefighter) and her dad works at morning and sometimes doesn't gets back from work. She's worried. She moved to the United Kingdom, London and she gets more exited with her friend living there too. She and Nicole get along all day. How fun! But... she saw One Direction in a limo, but didn't say anything to reveal them into public. Also she brought her pug to U.K. Now it's time to see if Marie and Nicole are really going to meet them..... Would they meet them?... Discover it in this Movella... ~Mariestyles


7. Broken Hearts & Carrots!

Louis' POV:

I was depressed and sad... I called Eleanor to tell her was between her and Josh.

*In the call*

Lou: Hey El...

El: Hey Lou!

Lou: El, can I ask you something? 

El: Yeah, of course Lou!

Lou: El, what's going on between you and Josh? 

El: Lou..-

Lou: El... the truth..

El: Louis, am so sorry, I cheated on you with Josh...

Lou: El, why would you?

El: Louis am so sorry!

Lou: I hope you know we're over...

El: Louis..

*End of call*

I hanged up on El (Eleanor) after she told me the truth. I cried and cried but then I just got up and walked  to the door and left. I needed to talk to someone.... That someone was Nikki. I drove over to Nikki and Marie's house. I knocked the door. 

"Coming!" I heard Nikki scream.

"Who is it?" She asked.

"It's me... Louis..." I said softly..


Nikki's POV:

I was all alone at home, since the lads went with Marie.... somewhere... Anyways... I was watching tv and eating some chips. I hear someone knock on the door..

"Coming!" I screamed

"Who is it?" I said as I walked up to the door

"It's me... Louis..." I heard him say

I opened the door to see Louis.... with red puffy eyes and tear stains on his cheeks. 

"Hey- Lou what's wrong!" I said as I pulled him inside.

"Tell me what's wrong!" I said with worry in my eyes.

"El cheated on me" He said sadly. That son of bitch!! How she could!

"Louis am so sorry to hear that" I said. Louis sat on the couch crying.

"You want some tea Lou?" I asked. He nodded. I went into the kitchen and made two ups of yorkshire tea. I handed him a mug 

"I broked up with her" He said quietly.

"Am really sorry Lou.." I said.

*It started raining  really hard and it was thunder & lightening very loudly*

"Do you mind if I stay the night here?" I said.

"Of ourse not! I was about to ask you since it's raining" I said.

"Thanks" He said.

It was 9:05 pm

"Wanna watch a movie?" Louis said.

"Yeah sure. Since...Liam isn't here we wont be able to see all the three Toy Story parts!" I sobbed sarasticlly. We laughed like crazy, like we were the only ones in this world...

"What movie do you wanna watch?" he asked.

"Avengers!" I said happilly.

"Ok!" He said in the same tone as me. Liam just sees a lot of Toy Story's movies maybe it's the first time he sees a different movie!

Louis' POV:

We sat in the couch watching The Avengers. I could not stop looking at her! She was beautiful! I think... I watch her the whole movie...

She laid her head on my lap, I play with her brown soft hair... her eyes are amazing, their brownish/Greeish. I thing I'm really falling for her. I know I just broke with El but since I met Nicole... I fell in love!

"Nikki?" I said.

"Yea Lou?" She asked.

"I know this is weird and all...but... I'm in love with you, when I first saw you I fell in love but I was with El  at that time." I said.

"Louis, I fell the same, when I first saw you I fell in love but you were with El..." She said.

"Well am not anymore.." I said as I leaned in her and kiss her sweet lips..

I broked the kiss saying "You don't know how long I've waited for that.." I said with a smirk.

"Same here!" She said with a smile.

"I'm going to the bathroom." She said as she got up.

When she left I ran to the kitchen, opened the fridge and got all the carrots out and made a bouquet of carrots. I heard her  come back downstairs and I heard her asked...

"Louis?" She asked.

"In the kitchen love!" I said.

I put the bouquet of carrots behind my back and then she came in.

"Here you are" She said.

"Here I am!" I said. She laughed.

"Nikki?" I said.

"Yes, Louis?" She asked.

I pulled out the bouquet of carrots in front of her.. She laughed. Hey! I'm a normal guy who loves carrots!

"Nikki... would you do me the honor of being my... girlfriend?" I asked.

"Louis... I would love to e your girlfriend!" She said. I pulled her lose and kissed her.

"Louis?" She said.

"Yeah babe?" I said

"You should put those carrots back in the fridge love." She said with a giggle.

I turned off the tv (of course putting those carrots back in the fridge) and we went to Nikki's bedroom. I layed on her bed as she went to the bathroom to change. She walked into the room with a white plain tank top and a purple sweatpants, she had her hair in a ponytail. We laid on the bed. She was falling asleep and I whispered on her ear "I love you Nikki" I said smileing. "I love you too Lou!" She said. I kissed her forehead and fell asleep to the sound of the pouring rain...

[Author's Note] 

Hey guys! I wanna thank all of you for reading this! I hope you like it! I also wanna give credit to my BFF Nikki (Nicole, and yeah I put her in the story!) because she wrote this in one of my notebooks for me to write it! Thnx you soo much my Wiggle Wiggle!!!! Nikki! <3<3<3 :) I promise I'll update tomorrow!! I promise Movella's promise with my right hand! Bye!!



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