What cost does love come at? Martina has to choose wether to follow her head or her heart but one will lead to disaster... Which will she choose?


7. 7.

The safe house was around two hours away, I expected some cheap run down house where you had to share rooms with strangers but to my surprise we got a two bedroomed apartment with two bathrooms to our selves. One of the police offices would be stopping in the spare room and if we wanted anything they would go fetch it for us. It was like having our own butler. That night was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time, knowing everything was out in the open and I Dean and our baby were safe.

We all slept in till around 1pm the next day, including the cop next in the spare bedroom, I leaned over to check the mobile the detective had given me and there was one new voice mail. I rang the number and put the phone to my ear. 'Martina its Detective Marshal... Just to let you know... The pyschiatrist will be coming later on to read yours and Dean’s version of James's behavior... Once she's done that... she will come to see both of you to assess how you are coping and to ask any questions if need... I'll be in touch later... Goodbye' the message said. I told Dean and the cop in the spare room. The other cop who escorted us last night brought five shopping bags for me and Dean with brand new cloths and accessories. I guess this was a perk of being under witness protection.

Later that evening the pyschiatrist came, she said that from our statements, James's seemed to have had a mental breakdown which meant he was a hazard to himself as well as others around him. Once she had finished assessing me and Dean she said we seemed perfectly fine just a bit bruised and battered. We were quite glad she left when she did because we were both exhaust from the last few days events. As we got in bed the mobile the cops had given me rang. 'Hello Martina... Its detective marshal’, 'Hello detective' I replied. ' the psychiatrist told me yours and deans evaluation and that you were both find and she also told me what she thought to mental state... we searched the scene and all the drivers and passengers were accounted for... one was fatally killed... We think it is James...we would like you and Dean to come straight to the morgue to identify the body... I’ve paged your escort and he knows what’s happening so as soon as you are ready I’ll see you there’, 'Ok we will see you there' I replied and hung up. 'Baby what’s wrong you look so shocked' Dean asked 'They think they have found James's body and they want us to go and identify it now' I mumbled.

We arrived outside the morgue, Dean took my hand and we walked in to meet the detective. After we had all the pre checks they took use through to the room where they kept the bodies. There was one on the table covered from head to toe in while cloth. 'Are you both ready' he asked. We both nodded yes. The mortician pulled the cloth away from the face. 'That not him... It’s not him... oh my god he's still out there' I whimpered. Dean hushed me out of the room and the detective made a call. A few moments later he came back. 'I know this is alarming... but this mean's James is still out there' He said. I blocked out the rest of the evening, I woke the next morning knowing James was still out there, the hunt for him had only just began!


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