What cost does love come at? Martina has to choose wether to follow her head or her heart but one will lead to disaster... Which will she choose?


6. 6.

The road to leading to Hollywell drive was long and bumpy and with no street lights. I spotted the sign for Hollywell drive and left tire marks on the road as I swerved into the entrance, my heart pounding so loud you could hear it over the noise of the engine. Before I knew it the fork in the road was straight in front of me causing me to slam the breaks on and nearly crash in the dike at the side of the road. I looked around but could not see anything, I was in the middle of nowhere in the dark of night, on my own. I placed the pen knife I found at Deans in the side of my bra so James would not be able to spot it. I also had another one in my right boot just in case I lost the other. I switched off the engine and got out of the car, nausea hit me like a tonne of bricks and before I knew what was happening, I vomited up the side of the car. After I had sorted myself out I laid face down on the ground with my hands behind my back and waited and waited.

'Looks like the whore has arrive Dean' James chirped with that same sadistic smile. I looked at him and shook my head in disgust, ' If you truly loved her James... you would let her be happy... even if that is not with you' I chirped. 'ONE MORE WORD FROM YOU AND MARTINA WILL RECIEVE YOUR RIGHT HAND IN THE POST' James shouted, then headed out of the dim lit room, I wish I could get myself free and stop him from going anywhere near her. 'When I get out of here I’m going to kill the son of a bitch' I said to myself.

I felt something cold press on the back on my neck, shivers ran down my spine, it was the gun, I knew it. 'Don’t move... Be quiet' I heard James say. I thought this is it, I going to die. He tied something round my wrist to I could not move, then gagged me with a bit of fabric that tasted like blood. He pulled me off the floor with my arms and dragged me down the right fork to the warehouse at the bottom. It was too early to try and stab him with the pen knife, I needed to see Dean first, make sure he’s here. James booted the old door open and threw me inside; I stumbled and fell to my knees. The room was dark with a very dim light at one end. 'Tini... Tini... are you ok... speak to me... I'm going to kill you James' I heard Deans voice echoed across the long dark room. There was a massive bang, Dean was struggling to get free and knocked the chair over with him in it.

James grabbed my hair and dragged me across the floor to where Dean was laying on the floor and pulled me to the side of him. 'Well which one do I shoot first? decisions... decisions' He muttered to himself. 'Martina... I knew from way before we got married that you did not want to be with me... I thought I could change your mind... The thing is... I cannot live without you, so you have a choice... Pick me and we will walk out of here tonight and go home leaving the cunt to rot... or choose him and end both of your lives including the unborn aliens inside you... so what will it be?... choice number one?... or choice number two?... you have five minutes to decide' James said calmly and then set the timer waiting on the floor. I looked towards Dean as James walked back out of the room, Dean whispered to me 'are you ok?’ I nodded not being able to speak because of the gag. I curled myself into a ball and retrieved the pen knife from my boot; it took me a few moments to open it. Dean saw what I was doing but kept quiet as not to alarm the psychopath outside.

I slowly managed to cut the rope around my hands, I pulled the gag off my face and crawled over to Dean 'Tell me if you think he’s coming back in' I whispered in his ear as I cut through the rope binding his arms to the chair. I gave him the other knife from my bra and between us we cut the rope around his legs. As we both got to our feet, footsteps echoed from the bottom of the room, I grabbed Dean’s arm and dragged him into the shadows. We slowly made our way down the room as James made his way up; he had not realized that we had moved.

We had got to the bottom of the room before James had got to the top; we sneaked out of the door and ran towards my car. 'AHHH... BASTARD' we heard from the distant end of the warehouse. It felt like we had been running for hours when we reached the car, I dived in the driver’s side, Dean jumped in the passenger’s side, the car roared into life. A loud bang came from the distance; I saw James Truck lights in the rearview mirror. 'Tini he’s behind us... step on it' Dean yelled while looking out the window, I put my foot down fully on the accelerator, Deans Volvo flung it’s self forward, throwing us into our seats, everywhere was pitch black, in the distance I could just make out the sign for the road. James's gun fired twice in the background, one shot hit the rear window shattering it. I swerved onto the road just missing a lorry; I kept the accelerator to the floor leaving the lorry and James for dust.

We traveled about ten miles before I slowed down a bit, Dean looked out of the back window 'Looks like we lost him baby' , 'Thank the lord for that' I replied. 'Are you and the baby ok' Dean asked sounding concerned. 'Where as good as we could possibly be right now babe' I replied. Gunfire sounded again from behind us, I panicked and turned onto the motorway just missing an articulated lorry, James was gaining on us. I kept swerving in-between the night traffic trying to lose him. I spotted a car flip onto the roof in the rearview mirror. James's car roared behind ours. 'Go to the right, towards the top of Southampton... There's a cop station about 5 miles from here' Dean squeaked. I swerved across three lanes causing three cars to crash into each other. As we came down the exit I saw the headlights in the mirror again, there was no time to go around the roundabout so I drove straight over the top of it. James must have crashed into another car because have not seen him after that, we headed straight here and that's where this event had lead us to you, Detective.

'Ok Martina and Dean... after what you have told us... I’m going to arrange for a psychiatrist to read over your statement of James Gallagher’s actions over the last few months... Until we get that report back we are going to take you two, to a safe house... but with you being pregnant Martina, we need to get you checked over first. Dean if you want to go with Martina... you can... they can check you over as well' the detective said. 'I'm not leaving her on her own so yeah... I’m coming with her' Dean snapped. 'Ok then... if you just bare with me a moment, I’ll arrange to have one of our members drive you to the general hospital... you will have two escorts to stay with you while you are there... once your all done we will take you to the safe house' The detective replied. Then he left the room. Dean and I just sat there holding each other 'do you think he is still going to come after us' I asked Dean, 'honestly baby... I don’t know but the police will do everything in their power to stop him... that is if he has not killed himself in a car crash' He replied. I sighed and cuddled into him, 'Your eye looks really painful' he then said as he looked down at me. 'What?' I replied. 'Your eye... you have right bruise around it from where he hit you' Dean said. I could not even remember he had hit me until I touched it and winced 'yeah it’s a bit painful' I whispered then cuddled up to him again.

The Detective came back in the room and we stood up 'Right you too... we have transport ready for you both to take you to the general hospital and then to the safe house... if you will just follow me' he said as he lead us out of the room and down a long corridor, we left the building through the staff entrance. He led us to a black Nissan juke that had two officer's waiting in the front. We climbed in the back and sat there hand in hand. On the drive to the hospital the two officers introduced themselves and informed us of the plans. When we arrived at the hospital we were seen straight away, Dean was taken into a private ward to have his cuts cleaned and I was taken to the antenatal ward to have an emergency scan. The doctor asked me how far along I was and I told him it should be around 4-6 weeks. The gel was cold and made me shudder; the doctor brought Dean in just in time as the scan lady placed the ultrasound device on my lower belly. It seemed to take ages before she found it although it was only a few moments. 'There it is your baby' she said pointing to this little circle on the screen that was flickering, she turned the volume up and we heard the heart beat. 'with the looks of things I’d say you are about 7 weeks pregnant Mrs. Gallagher... according to your notes... and the dates... it looks as though you have ovulated earlier than usual' she chirped. Dean and I sat there speechless. The Scan lady printed us off a picture each of our little baby.

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