What cost does love come at? Martina has to choose wether to follow her head or her heart but one will lead to disaster... Which will she choose?


5. 5.

The phone rang, I saw Barton’s number. 'Hello Barton' I answered. 'James I have some news but you’re not going to like it' Barton replied. 'Go on what is it? My life can’t get any worse' I sighed into the phone. 'I was snooping through the trash because they were at your house and I found a positive pregnancy test... I have no idea how far along she is' Barton replied. 'It’s not mine Barton... I can’t have children due to a rugby accident when I was younger' I replied, sadness washed over me. 'Aw Mate... I’m sorry to hear that' Barton replied. After the call had ended I was fueled by anger and sadness, I thought of many different ways on how I was going to approach the situation but all I ended up doing was getting angry and smashing my flat up in brazil.

Back in the I had finished changing all the documents back into James's name. Dean was ecstatic at the idea, with it being another step forward. While on the way back from James's house I received a call. 'Hello Martina Gallagher speaking’, ' Hello Martina... it’s Doctor Baxter' the voice replied. 'Hello doctor... have the results come back?' I asked egger to find out. 'Yes they have Martina... Your beta numbers suggest you are four weeks pregnant. Congratulations' Baxter replied. 'OK doc thank you for letting me know' I said as I hung up the phone, Dean had pulled over to find out the result. 'Well it’s official... You’re going to be a daddy' I squeaked to Dean, ecstatic at the thought of the man I love and I having a child together. 'YES... Tini this is brilliant' he replied in a high voice. We continued the drive back to Dean's flat, both grinning from ear to ear. Dean and I nipped into the flat to drop off all my paperwork then Dean said 'come on we have to go somewhere' we got back in the car, I was confused as to what Dean was doing but I just went along with it anyway. I soon realized Dean was heading to the shopping centre. I looked at him and chuckled, he could not stop smiling. Dean went in every mother & baby shop and maxed out his credit card. I had never seen him this happy so I left him too it. By the time we arrived back at the flat we had managed to somehow obtain the contents of a complete nursery for when the baby arrived. I had never felt so happy, it was like a dream come true.

A couple of days passed and the divorce papers came in the post also did a disturbing call. I answered the phone. 'Hello Martina Gallagher speaking’, 'Hello Mrs. Gallagher... It’s Helen from the Brazil office' a friendly voice replied. 'I was wondering if you have heard from James in the last couple of days. No one here can get in touch with him and he’s not been into the office in three week' Helen said. 'No I haven’t... actually me and James have not spoke to each other in a while, he stopped ringing me and I can’t reach him' I replied shock in her voice. 'Ok sorry if I have alarmed you Mrs. Gallagher... I’ll give him until tomorrow evening and ring you if I hear from him' Helen replied. I hung up the phone. ‘Dean... I told you he knew... that was from Helen at the Brazil office... no one has heard from James in weeks and no one has been following us... I’m getting worried... what if he’s gone mad and had a break down!' I mumbled as I spoke. 'I’m sure he’s not gone mad... I bet he’s just sulking' Dean said with a pitiful tone in his voice. 'You’re probably right' I replied. I signed the divorce papers and left them and put them in my handbag. Later that evening I received a text from James.

09:30pm James - Martina - Just to let you know, sorry I have not called, works been mental but I’ll be home tomorrow night, then we can talk and see where our relationship is heading is we still have one.

'Dean... look' she showed him the message. 'Ok the guys not talked to anyone and now you get a text. You’re not going their alone. When he comes in I’ll be with you so we can just get it over with' Dean replied, tension rang through his voice. 'Ok... you have a point. His mental state might not be very good' my voice had a slight touch of fear within it. The next day we drove to the house around 9am and waited there all day, discussing how they were going to handle the situation. I looked at the clock, it read 06:55pm then the back door swung open, both Dean and I jumped in shock. At the door stood James shotgun in hand, his expression unreadable. I started to shake with fear and Dean looked terrified too. After a moment or two I finally plucked up the courage to say 'James what are you doing with a shotgun?' He looked at me with such an evil look on his face, this was not the man I married, this was a cold blooded monster staring at me. 'Just been doing a bit of hunting... care to introduce me to you guest Martina' He replied with a sadistic smile across his face. Dean moved to the side of me, not taking his eyes of this monster in front of us. 'This is Dean... my new boss' I said shaking with fear. 'Your new fiancé don’t you mean Martina' James as he lifted the gun so that it pointed at me. I could not find any word to speak. 'Come on Martina... Well all know the truth... so spit it out so it’s in the open' He said as he loaded the gun, then aimed at my lower belly. I feared for my life and the babies so I told him the truth 'Yes... your right James... I have divorce papers in my bag... I'm leaving you because I don’t love you... I only married you because of my father' He carried on staring at my lower belly. 'I've always loved Dean... ever since we first got together... a long time before I met you James... and we are having a baby together' I continued. Rage swept across his face when I mentioned the baby. 'Come on mate put the gun down... Tini can’t help how she feels... and you know now so we can all move on' Dean said to James. 'You have no right to speak to me... you steel my wife... get her knocked up... propose to her while she's still married to me... HER HUSBAND!' he ranted to Dean. While he was ranting I slowly moved to the side and picked up the metal poker from the fire. Dean kept shuffling back as James lost in rage, headed towards him with the gun. I saw my chance so I swung the metal poker and hit James around the side of the head with it. He fell forward and dropped the gun. Dean grabbed the gun and unloaded it. James stood and a stared at me. Dean shouted 'NO' as James lunged at me with his fist at the ready.

I must have been unconscious for a few hours, when I came around it was pitch black and the clock read after 11pm. As I pulled myself to my feet, I shouted Dean but there was no answer. I fumbled around the room and switched on the light. On the table was a note, my fingers trembled as I opened and read it.

For the whore who ruined my life!
If you ever want to see your new fiancé again, you will obey my every word and follow my instructions. If you call the cops, you will never see your beloved Dean again. UNDERSTAND!

1. Go to Deans flat and wait further instruction. TELL NO-ONE!

Tears ran down my face as I read the note, if he did anything to Dean I would personally hunt him down and kill him myself. I jumped in Dean’s car and left the house abandoned, I could barely see the road for tears. I ran four red lights and nearly got hit by a train. It felt as if it had taken hours to get to the flat but in reality it only took me a few minutes. I opened the door and slowly entered in case he was here waiting for me, there was no one there but me. A note hung from the telephone cord.

I have had a slight change of plan, if you tell anyone, you will see Dean again but not in a nice way. You will see him bit by bit sent to you through the post.
2. Wait by the phone, only answer if you don’t recognize the number.

I could not believe my eyes when I read the note, how evil could you be to do that to someone, the tears kept rolling. I thought to myself 'shall I just run and leave Dean, just protect the baby' I shuddered at the thought of that, it made be physically sick to even think I could think about something like that. Instead of sobbing and decided I needed a plan so I hunted around the flat to find anything I could use for self defense with.

'James... what the fuck are you playing at? Let me go!' I shouted from the chair I was tied to. My head pounded from where he had hit me with the metal poker that Tini hit him with. There was something tied around my hands so I could not move, I kept shouting James but there was no answer. It was dark in the room, I had no idea where I was or what time it is, as I shuffled around trying to get myself free I felt something touch my forehead. A light came on, James stood there, blood dripping down his shirt from the gash on his head Where Martina had hit him. In the dim light he looked like he was possessed, pulling strange faces as though he was fighting with himself. He stood there staring, saying nothing, just pointing the barrel of the gun in-between my eyes. I managed to glance around but I could not see Tini. 'James... seriously this is not funny... let me go' I pleaded with him. 'If you value your life and that of your unborn child's you will not say another word!' he said calmly as though he was used to doing this sort of thing. I kept my mouth shut and just sat there, thinking of ways I could get myself out of this and find Martina. The last thing I remember is running at him to stop him from hitting Martina, then everything just went black and I woke in this hell hole.

James got out a mobile phone. As he punched in the keys, the noise seemed so loud and my head was throbbing.

'Martina' James said
'For fucks sake woman... stop crying and listen to me if you ever want to see this spineless prick alive' he continued.

'Drive towards London until you come to a sign saying Hollywell drive, continue down there. Once you come to a fork in the road get out of the car and lay face down on the floor with your hands behind your back'

James hung up the phone. I panicked, 'why was he doing this, why cannot he just accept that we don’t belong together and that I am with Dean now' I thought to myself as I headed to the car.

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