What cost does love come at? Martina has to choose wether to follow her head or her heart but one will lead to disaster... Which will she choose?


4. 4.

'Hey Ralph, it’s been a long time I know', 'It defiantly has James, How are you mate?' Ralph said excitedly as he saw his best friend strolling towards him. 'Yeah I’m ok I guess' James said down-heartedly, 'what’s up mate? You don’t seem yourself' Ralph said to James. 'I think the wedding new-ness has worn off between me and Martina... she seems so distant lately and I don’t know whether it’s just because I’m doing long hours or whether she's decided it’s not what she wants, afteralll I've never really been able to read her and I was mega surprised when she agreed to marry me but even now it still feels as if her heart isn’t in it' he grumbles to Ralph, 'Mate I’m sure it’s nothing... she’s probably taking a while adjusting after all you have just moved to a new town and you’re on away on business and I bet she feels kind of bewilder' he said sympathetically to James. 'Yeah I bet your right! I’m just over reacting but I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong' James said with an concerning tone within his voice, 'Mate, Give it a couple more weeks and if you still feel the same, hire a private investigator just to check up on her, if she’s staying faithful then you know she might just need a bit of reassurance' Ralphs reassuring voiced caught James attention. The thought of a private investigator seemed a bit extreme to James although he thought it may put his mind at ease.
The next day I rang a couple of ads out of the local newspaper I had taken with me and received a few quotes on P.I's, after a few hours of searching I found one which was cheap enough and also close enough to where we lived. I emailed the P.I a picture of Martina and gave our home and her work address. The P.I Instructed he would check back in around 3-5 days, I really wished he would be back sooner just to put my mind at rest.

On Monday driving to work I noticed a car following me, it followed me right up to the entrance of the company car park a then drove off. Dean pulled up beside me not long after. 'Dean, I swear someone was following me to work, they stayed on my tail right up until I drove through the company entrance, I saw them slow down and then drive off!' I stuttered as I panicked. 'Don’t be daft, I’m sure it was nothing' his voiced reassured me as he bent down slightly and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. For the rest of the day I could not shake the feeling someone was following me, At lunch I swear I saw the BMW parked near the company entrance, As I walked past I kept my head down so that if anyone was following me they would not be able to see my face. Dean thought I was cracking up because he did not notice anything out of the ordinary. I tried to tell myself I was imagining it but my gut instinct was telling me the opposite. After we finished work, we both drove to Dean's but in our own cars just to be on the safe side. All the way there I noticed the same BMW following behind me. Half way there I decided I was going to go to the local shopping centre so I doubled back on myself and rang Dean to let him know where I was, I managed to give the BMW the slip this time but would I be so lucky next time. Once I was in the shopping centre, I headed towards La Sexa's Underwear paradise, the feeling of being watched came back to me. Skimming the place for a sign of any one following me, I speed towards the shop, while hearing snippets of other peoples conversations 'An affair! I know, he will be devastated' I heard one lady say to her friend. 'They can’t possibly be talking about me, I don’t even know who they are' she told herself. I felt an overwhelming pressure as if something was pressing on me head and suffocating me 'you did this to yourself, the guilt’s going to eat you up' I thought to myself, the entrance to the shop was straight in front of me and I bolted to the doors. Once in the shop, I started to feel a little more comfortable. The isles had all different kinds of corsets, Basques and baby doll dresses. I spotted the perfect one, a black silk baby doll night dress with electric blue ribbon woven through the straps and around the breast cups leading down the middle where the silk parted. It had matching French undies; I knew Dean would love it because he once bought me a bra in a similar style. As I moved through the shop casually placing items in my basket I came across the X-rated section, I moved passed the curtain I saw many BDSM play toys and restraints. Almost having a heart attack at what I was seeing I quickly backed out of there and headed to the check out. Next on my list was hair and nails, trying to distract myself while moving through the crowds towards the hair salon, I thought of Dean's face when I take off my coat and just stood there in just the baby doll and undies. Once I arrived home I headed straight to the bathroom to pamper myself and then put on the baby doll, giggling to myself the whole time at the images of Dean's facial expressions running around my head.

1:45pm TINI - DEAN - I’m just setting off see you soon xx - text message sent!

Dean had laid out a beautiful dinner and desert ready for us; the wine bottle was chilling on ice as a knock sounded at the door. 'Come in' he shouted from the kitchen, I entered the flat and dropped my bag on the floor, then my coat on top. Dean wandered through from the kitchen, seeing me stood there in her my undie's 'Fuck me... you look... ohh my Tini you definitely know what I like' he said smoothly as he strode over and placed his hands on my hips. 'What can I say? I've got to impress my man!' I said with a sexy smile. 'Sod the dinner... get your fine booty upstairs girl' He teased as he un-buttoned his shirt. 'I can’t believe how happy I am' I say to myself as I lay in the arms of this beautiful man. This is what I want, this is where I am happy but how on earth do I break this to James we haven't even been married a year yet and I know it’s going to destroy him. I guess me and Dean will just have to keep it low key until I get the divorce papers. He looks so peaceful; my man snoozing besides me, my man, the guy of my dreams, the one my heart beats for. The smell of his aftershave, my favorite ever since the first day I saw this wonderful man. 'Hello gorgeous, it’s such a pleasure to wake up next to you my Tini' His voice caressing my ears with every word, 'I made you dinner before you decided to give me the sexiest shock of my life' he continued. 'I’m sorry my baby... let’s go and have dinner' I said softly to him, his smile lighting up at my every word.

On the way down to the kitchen, I kept thinking about whether James knew about them, the thought was driving her insane, I could not shake the feeling that someone was watching her and telling James everything. As I sat at the table I thought of ways to break the news to James 'the sooner the better' I told myself. I could not settle all day at work and since my promotion I have been working full time with Dean, we barely spend a moment apart except from when James is home but I still can’t shake the feeling I’m being watched. All day at work I have felt as if people are talking about me behind my back, they probably are but because of my promotion, I think they have all realized that I knew Dean before he became my boss but it still feels as if they are talking about something else. We both agreed not to travel together incase people started to suspect things. As I drove to Dean's after work the same car that had followed me, was following me again. A black BMW with blacked out windows. As I came to a set of lights, they turned yellow, my car roared as I pressed the gas all the way to the floor. The BMW got stopped by the red light, of this I was grateful. As I drove up the long lane surrounded by trees that lead to Dean's neighborhood I noticed headlights in my rearview mirror. As I sped up the car behind did the same, I quickly turned off down a forgotten road that still lead to Dean's, the car behind followed. I was touching eighty as I flew along the road; I lost the car for a few moments. I turned into a side road and switched off the engine, my heart pounding as I watched the rear view mirror. The car drove straight past; I gave it a few more minutes and then headed back in the direction I drove in. I reached Dean's without seeing the BMW again, I quickly parked my car in the lock-up and ran up to Dean's flat. Startling Dean as I bounded through the door, I switched the light off and looked discretely out of the window. 'Bloody Hell... Tini! What on earth are you doing?' Shock disturbed his normally cool sounding voice. 'Shut up' I whispered. Continuing to pear out of the window. 'What’s wrong Martina?' He whispered as he moved beside me. 'Remember I told you I was being followed?' I snapped. 'Yeah' he whispered. 'I was right... They followed me from work until I gave them the slip on the back road just down from the village. A black BMW with blacked out windows, I don’t recognize the car but I swear James knows what we are doing' I muttered as I tried to calm myself. 'OK... If you are being followed... we can play a game of our own!' He said with a cocky tone. 'What do you mean we will play a game of our own?' I snapped. 'Right this is what we will do... in the early hours of the morning, around 5am, I’ll take your car to yours and when it’s time for work, you can leave here with mine and I’ll leave yours with your car... if someone is following you, this will prove it' he said excitedly. 'Sounds a bit risky, what if James comes home?' I muttered. 'Ring him tonight... act casual... find out where he is. If he’s still away then we know it’s not him and we should be safe!' his calming voice reassuring to me.

Meanwhile James was getting very impatient, waiting for the PI to get back to him. The phone rang, 'hello James Gallagher speaking' he said as he answered. 'Hello Mr. Gallagher, its Mr. Barton private investigator' the voice on the line replied. 'Oh hello MR Barton, have you managed to find anything?' James asked. 'I’m having a slight problem with that, if your missus is up to anything she is being very sneaky. All I have is a picture of her talking to her new boss outside the entrance to the building she works in.' Mr. Barton replied. 'Is that it? Maybe she’s seeing her new boss and that’s how she got the promotion' James barked. 'I can carry on looking but if you know the name of her new boss that would help!' Mr. Barton replied. 'I can give you the News Paper's website; there might be an announcement on there somewhere, if that would help at all?' James replied sharply. 'That would be great, email it to me so I can make sure I get the address right and I’ll have a snoop around!’ Barton replied. 'OK then, I’ll send it you in about ten minutes.' James replied hesitantly. 'Pleasure doing business with you Mr. Gallagher, Bye for now' Barton replied and hung up the phone.
James fired up his laptop and opened up his email program. He copied the website URL straight into a new email.
From: J.Gallager@GallagerEnterpises.com
To: BartonPI@theperfectspy.com
Message: Dear MR Barton below is the URL for the website. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Company CEO.
James hesitantly waited a reply. Ten minutes later a new email popped into his inbox.
From: BartonPI@theperfectspy.com
To: J.Gallager@GallagerEnterpises.com
Message: Dear MR Gallagher, thank you for the website URL, I will be in touch soon.
Mr. R. Barton
James wondered if he was doing the right thing, spying on his wife, but he felt as if something was different between them. So he kept telling himself 'I have my reasons, but it will all come back saying nothing wrong and Martina never has to know. It will all be fine.' He did feel a small percentage of guilt for his actions and knew that if Martina ever found out he was spying on her, their marriage would be over before it had even properly began. For the rest of the night he felt ashamed of his actions but he also wanted to see them through, once he had something on his mind he found it very hard to let it go, he had been like this since a small child. His mother always got frustrated with him because if he suspected she was planning a surprise or anything, he would not let it rest until he knew what was happening. All through his teen's he had this obsession but he also developed anger. Martina never knew that he had anger management lessons and weekly therapy for his obsessions. James knew deep down that if he told her she would probably leave him, she had told him how she was abused at school and that anger was the conclusion of her teachers problem, he knew she would never step foot into a relationship if she knew the other person had a slightly violent past. James never told her about his anger and that when he was 14 he attacked a class mate at school and beat him around the head with a meter long ruler and gave the kid bleeding on the brain, nor had he told her that he had been charged with GBH when he was 19 for attacking a fellow worker at his local shopping store job. James could not let Martina know he was spying on her because if she left him, he was scared of what his anger would do and how he would react. The last thing he would ever wish to do is hurt Martina, he loves her so much and could not bare the thought.

'Baby what’s wrong? You have seemed distant all night!' Dean said kind of sympathetically. 'It’s the feeling...a gut feeling that James knows about us... something is so wrong!' I stuttered like an upset child. 'I’m sure everything will be fine sweet cheeks... don’t worry. Let’s go to bed' Dean said reassuringly. 'Ok babe' she replied. I’m so fed up with this feeling that some things is going to go really wrong, as I glanced at the alarm clock, I sighed. 3:45am on the clock display, I have to be up in two hours, for the life on me I could not sleep; I've tossed and turned all night. Dean stirred, I stayed still as not to wake him, he looks so peaceful sleeping, not a worry in sight. I thought to myself 'this is what I want, I think I’ll call my divorce lawyer tomorrow and put an end to all the sneaking around' I've never been one for sneaking around unless I wanted something so desperately.

The next morning I and Martina stuck to our plan, she took my car and I took hers. As I drove to work I could see the BMW Tini had mentioned and it followed me right up to the gate of the company car park. 'Tini was right about being followed, maybe James did know about us but who cared, I've got the girl I love and she loves me back, at least I don’t leave her for weeks on end with not much contact, I’ll stand by her till the day I die' I thought to myself as I parked the car, I checked the rear view mirror of Martina's honder and saw no one. A vision of beauty walking towards me, that sexy auburn hair flowing in the wind, those Green eyes sparkling in the sunshine. A goddess in human form walking towards me, all mine. 'Hey babe... did you see the BMW?' Martina asked shyly. I hesitated because I did not want to freak her out but finally replied 'Yeah baby... it looks like you’re being followed'. 'Shit... I knew it!' Panic throughout her voice 'Calm down babe... we can work around it' Dean said reassuringly. 'That reminds me... I need to speak to you about something' Martina hesitated as they walked upstairs to the offices 'your not finishing with me are you?' I asked panic stricken. 'No don’t be silly... I’m actually thinking about calling my divorce lawyer so we can put an end to all this sneaking around' She whispered as we walked down the hallway. 'Really?' I squeaked like a little child. 'That’s awesome... we can finally be together properly' I squeaked as we walked down the hallway. I noticed Martina giggled at my excitement. 'I'll call them this afternoon at lunch' She replied with a smile. For the rest of the day I was bouncing around like a child that had ate too much chocolate, I was that happy he promoted jenny to junior editor and gave the whole department a pay rise. Martina loved seeing me this happy; I could tell it reminded her of the old days we spent together.

Dinner time arrived and I headed downstairs to make a call. The lawyers number was engaged, I tried three times in a row and could not get through so I left it and I and Dean walked to the local coffee shop for dinner, unaware that the PI was hot on our trail. We were both so happy we totally forgot about the following situation, while we were sat having lunch, the PI was camera happy from across the street. Mr. Barton thought to himself 'This just looks like to colleagues having lunch and not much more'. He was just about to pack his camera away when to his surprise her saw Dean and Martina kiss 'bingo!' he said to himself and the camera clicked into action, he still needed more hard evidence to present to James. He followed the couple back towards the company and snuck through the gate, just as he thought he had lost his chance to snap them again, Dean pulled Martina to one side and caressed her lips with his, then they snook around the corner. The PI kept his distance and followed them, he saw Dean pin Martina up against a wall and slide up her skirt, he continued to watch as the couple became intimate, the camera clicking in hand. Martina and Dean made their way back into the building not realizing that they had just been caught in the act. The PI thought to himself 'I hold out a little longer before I email James the image's, at least that way I can pay for a holiday for me and the wife' so he waited in the BMW researching the website James had emailed him, until the couple finished work. There was an article on the website saying Mr. Dean Thawley if the new head of the editorial department, he used a search engine on Dean's name and found his internet profile and that he was Martina's ex fiancé. He copied the articles onto a word document to send to James, shocked by his discovery he decided to look even further into Dean's profile and found that he had been messaging Martina and that he paid someone to get him the job so he could see her. Barton copied everything into the word document ready for James to read.

As the couple headed away from work, the PI decided to follow Dean's car to see where he lived and what he could dig up on him. Dean and Martina headed to hers instead so she could check the mail, pick up her laptop and pack some cloth's, Barton followed them but kept his distance. Me and Dean took his car to his flat, on the way Dean saw the BMW in his rearview mirror, 'Tini... we are being followed again' He said calmly. 'Well they can’t see where you live because of the key card access to the lock up so we can lose them their' I replied with a sigh. 'Good thinking sexy' Dean said with a smirk. 'I'll be glad when I have called the lawyers and got the divorce papers so we can end all the sneaking around... only problem is I don’t know how I’m going to break it to James... I still care about him even if I don’t love him like I do you... I’ve never seen him in a situation like this, I have no idea how he will react' I grumbled, 'Don’t worry about it sexy, we will work it out... It might be best for you to be honest with him next time he calls' Dean grunted. 'I am not breaking up with him over the phone... I’m not heartless! I have to do this face to face... no matter how ugly it gets' I snapped. 'Ok babe... I could be there with you when you tell him if it helps' Dean said reassuringly. 'I don’t know if that would be a good idea... we can deal with it at the time.' I grumbled. Once we had arrived at Dean's place, I decided to try the divorce lawyers again, this time I got through. After I had given all the information they needed, I arranged for them to send the divorce papers to Dean's address so James could not come home and find them.

Dean and Martina celebrated with a meal at a fancy restraunt. Barton had followed the taxi they got in to the destination and placed himself at a table not far away from there’s so he could snap them if needed. The couple had no idea it was a private investigator following them or that they were sat three tables away, afteralll he was not using a camera, he was using a device he made that looked like a shine black cufflink. It would take pictures and send them to his phone, he controlled it using a program he made and placed on his phone. It just looked like he was texting to anyone around him. The couple leaned in for a kiss and the camera snapped them. Previously at the flat Martina had removed her wedding ring after she finished speaking to the divorce lawyer's. So when Dean arranged the restraunt, Martina was clueless what was going to happen.

The waiter brought over two glasses of Champaign 'We did not order Champaign' I grumbled thinking they had made a mistake, Dean rose from his seat and gave the waiter a £50 note 'Cheer's, I’ll take it from here' he whispered. I was totally clueless until Dean handed me a glass of Champaign with a giant diamond ring in the bottom. I fished it out with a confused but excited look on my face, I could not speak as I was completely shocked, Dean got down on one knee and I gasped. 'My Tini... you complete me and I was a fool to let you go before, my love for you is endless... this is why I’m asking you for your hand in marriage. I want you to be my wife because we belong to each other... so what do you say Tini, will you marry me?' I sat there in total shock, then finally I answered. 'Dean... I... erm... YES, YES, YES... of course I will marry you' I squealed as I leapt into his arms. The whole restraunt cheered and clapped apart from the PI. The camera kept clicking.

We celebrated in our own way but I still worried how James would react, this news would be a massive blow to him as well as splitting up. Dean told me not to worry and he distracted me with some passionate kissing which lead to a full night of passion. The next day we arrived at work looking a bit worse for wear seeing as we had no sleep and had been humping like rabbits all night long. We both were beaming with happiness all day but whenever anyone asked they had two different stories that did not involve each other.

The PI piled together all the information he had found and emailed it to me and then rang me to let me know the news. The phone rang. 'Mr. James Gallagher speaking’, 'Hello James it’s Barton... How are you?’, 'Nervous... you?’, 'Same... I’ve found out some information that you should see... I’ve emailed it too you’, 'Ok... I’ll just log on' I replied with Barton still waiting on the other end of the phone. I pulled up the email and looked at the attachment. A single tear ran down my cheek when I saw the pictures of Dean and Martina kissing and when I saw the engagement pictures, I flipped, ranting with rage. 'THE CHEATING WHORE’, 'I know this is a shock James but I think you should approach the situation gently considering your track record' Barton said sympathetically. We hatched a plan to wait until Martina broke the news, then I could use the PI's information as evidence against her in court when we apply for a divorce. I told the PI to keep tracking her and see if he could get any more information.

Three weeks passed and the PI was still following them but keeping his distance, the couple was unaware of the situation. It was 6:30am on a Saturday morning, I was laid next to Dean, the sun was just rising and the birds tweeting. As I thought about how happy I was a sudden wave of nausea came over me, I jumped out of bed and darted to the bathroom. As I wrenched over the toilet I realized the date, I was a day late for my period. After I finished vomiting I got the spare pregnancy test out that I kept in the bottom of my hand bag just in case it was needed. Peeing on the stick was the easy part but waiting for the result was killing me, two and a half minutes passed and the nausea came back but no vomiting, as I check my watch I realized it was a little over 3 minutes. I looked at the test, I could not move, I just sat there in shock. Two pink lines bold as brass, I double check the information booklet. It was positive. I bounded into the bedroom 'Dean... Dean... for fuck sake wake up... DEAN' I ranted as I shook him. 'Huh... what... what’s up... is it James?' He mumbled half asleep. 'No' I squeaked as he sat up and looked at me all dopily. 'Look' I handed him the test and the instruction guide. He sat there a glance back and forth between the test and the guide. 'I’m going to be a dad?' he asked with a smile on his face. We were both ecstatic with happiness, he picked me up and spun me around which really did not help the nausea. 'You’re going to marry me and I’m going to be a daddy... Ohh Tini... I’m so happy' he grinned from ear to ear.

Martina booked and emergency appointment to have it double checked at the doctors after she had thrown the test in the rubbish, unaware that the PI was lurking around outside. After she had gone inside, Barton put on a pair of gloves and opened the bin. As he opened the test box he thought 'This should be good'. He checked the test against the guide. He then placed everything back as it was and headed to his car.

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