What cost does love come at? Martina has to choose wether to follow her head or her heart but one will lead to disaster... Which will she choose?


2. 2.

We had slept through the first 3 alarms I have set ritually every morning, on the forth I stirred and looked at the time 08:30am 'Shit! Dean! We’re going to be late for work!' I mumbled as I dived out of bed and threw on a shirt and a skirt, not having enough time to do my hair or make up, I ran my fingers through my hair and ruffled it up a bit, then wiped away the pander eyes from yesterdays mascara. Dean got dressed and wandered to the bathroom to straighten himself up. 'Tini, you have that 'just shagged' look’, 'shhhh you’re to blame' I said throwing him a cheeky grin, I love it when he speaks to me like that, it’s such a turn on with the way he looks me up and down. 'It’s just as fucking sexy, let’s go back to bed' he said as he rubbed himself up against me, 'No, were late for work and it’s going to look bad enough, us arriving together and it’s your second day' I ordered, though secretly wanting to take him up on the offer. I strutted out of the bathroom wiggling my behind on purpose as I walked, to catch his attention.

The drive to work was boring as usual. We arrived 5 minutes late but no one noticed, I went straight to my desk, pulled out the papers from yesterday that I had not finished and got stuck in. Dean went to his office looking mighty chuffed with himself; I guess that was because of me. Later that morning, Jesse the errand girl came to me with a message from Dean, 'Seeing as you’re my new second in command, I have set up a new desk for you in my office, Jesse will help you bring your stuff over with you'. After reading the note I ranted 'what on earth is he playing at!’ 'I don’t know Martina but I would not mind being in your shoes right now, a desk next to his, he is gorgeous!' Young Jesse said with a randy look on her face. I smugly thought, 'If only you knew my shoes Jesse.' As we both boxed my belongings up, we chatted about his looks and I told Jesse in confidence that he was my ex and that’s how I got the second in command job, Jesse said 'wow, well I defiantly do wish I was in your shoes now'. 'don’t worry Jesse, you’re a good woman, you will not be the errand girl for much longer, you’re going to have my job, I’ll talk it over with Dean' I stated, I was highly found of Jesse, she reminded me of a younger version of myself so I might as well have a try and get her a better job that the company help, Jesse was ecstatic with happiness smiling all day long. Once I had got settled in Dean's office, I took my break and rang James.

'Hi baby' I said, acting casual.
'Hello gorgeous, how are you?' he asked
'I’m good; I have some good news too. I've been promoted to second in command' I said with a happy but annoyed tone.
'That’s fantastic new babe, I’m sorry but I have to go, this company is in meltdown at the moment, but I’ll ring you later, love ya' James hung up.

Back at the office I was on my own so I got started on yesterday’s paperwork, the desk was a little wobbly and this was really annoying the hell out of me, I got down on all fours and went under to sort it out with an old book I found in the drawer. Dean entered the office while I was under the desk fighting with the leg and completely unaware that he was there, he moved over and quickly squeezed my bottom, making me jump, I nearly gave myself concussion when I hit my head on the desk. 'That’s defiantly one fine ass' he said smirking as I climbed out from under the desk, red faced and embarrassed, rubbing my head. 'Well you should know' I chirped. All day long Dean would grab my attention in one saucy way or another, never letting on when he was going to do it. I had not felt this excited in a long time but my mind kept thinking about what they would do on the times when James was back. Dean decided he wanted to stay at mine tonight so he left his car at work and I drove us to my house. We were having a nice quiet evening watching a film and eating left over Chinese from the night before when James rang.

'Hello babe' I said as I pick up the phone, looking at Dean as if to say don’t say anything.
'Hello gorgeous. You ok?' James replied.
'Yeah not to bad... I’m just in middle of watching a film'. How’s work?' I replied softly.
'Crazy... the place is falling apart... you just can’t get the staff these days' he said just as Dean sneezed, I prayed to god that James did not hear it.
'That’s not good... at least your there to save the day' I replied hoping he had not noticed the sneeze.
'What was that noise just then before you spoke M?' He asked, my heart raced as I tried to think of a lie, then I noticed Dean pointing at the TV.
'It was someone sneezing on the TV babe' I finally said. Thinking I had dodged the bullet.
'Are you sure? It sounded as if it was in the room... not on the TV' James said suspiciously.
'I’ve got the surround sound on the TV so it echoes' I quickly snapped.
'Ok then... anyway babe I have to go... I’ll speak to you tomorrow... bye love you' He replied.
'Ok baby... bye' I said then hung up the phone, realizing I had not said love you. My mind went into overdrive wondering whether James had realized I was not alone. I hoped to god he did not twig on that I did not say love you on the end of the call. 'What’s wrong babe' Dean asked as I stood there biting my nails looking like a nervous wreck. 'I don’t think he believed the sound TV thing' I said panicking. 'I also forgot to say love you on the end... what if he realizes and puts two and two together' I continued. 'Don’t worry about it babe... I doubt he will see it like that... don’t start getting paranoid on me Tini' Dean said with a small chuckle. 'I’m not... I... I just panicked that’s all' I snapped. For the rest of the night I was a nervous wreck incase James rang back after realizing what I had said on the phone.

As I put the phone back on the base I thought to myself 'that did not seem right... Martina always says love you on the end of the phone... and that sneeze did not sound like surround sound'. All night I kept picking up the phone wanting to ring her to see if she was on or whether she was fed up of the situation we are in with my job. Every time I went to dial, my subconscious told me to stop over reacting and that it was nothing. All night I could not sleep, I had a gut feeling that Martina was up to something but I just don’t know what. It was the kind of feeling you get when you know something is seriously wrong but you can’t put your finger on it. Martina always seemed distant but this was far worse, I always knew in the back of my mind that she never wanted to get married to me and she would not have if her father had not pushed her into it. I’ve been in many relationships when the other person loves you as much as you love them but Martina always felt different. Kind of like when your best friends with some on and you actually fall in love with them and they love you but not in that way. I guess I wanted to get married and see if things would change but this just does not feel right.

I spent most of my night awake unaware that James had done the same, Dean was sleeping like a baby, I loved the way he looked so peaceful. On the odd times I did manage to fall asleep, I soon woke up again from nightmares, different scenarios where James had come home early and caught me and Dean in the act. Each dream had an even worse scenario to the ones before. By 4am I gave up trying to sleep so I headed down stairs and made myself a coffee, I set my laptop up in the front room and checked all my latest emails. Nothing really stood out apart from one.
To: martina-martini@gmail.com
From: Lizzy-loves-cheese@gmail.com
Subject: Dean ;)
Message: Hello martini :) hope your ok, I’m dying to know whether Dean has spoke to you yet?? I hope he tells you soon :) How are you finding working with him? Talk to you soon x
Lizzy must have known that Dean was wanting to tell me he loved me and that he wanted us to get back together. So I replied to her email.
To: Lizzy-loves-cheese@gmail.com
From: martina-martini@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Dean ;)
Message: Hello old friend lol, yeah i’m ok cheers, are you? I'll put you out of your misery, Dean told me he loves me and that he wants us to get together so next time I see James I’m going to end it and file for divorce. I need to do it as soon as possible because I and Dean are already together ;) and I don’t like the fact I’m having an affair. By the way this is just between us not gossiping Lizzy! Not that you would but I just wanted to throw that in there. You will have to come down soon so we can go girly shopping! I miss my best friend!
Talk soon x
I knew Lizzy would not get that until around 10 am but it felt good to tell someone what was happening even if it is in an email. After I sent it I looked at local ads for divorces lawyers, there were lots to choose from but I found one that was affordable and quick, I jotted the number down and popped it in my handbag. Once I had finished my coffee I headed upstairs to take a shower, Dean was still fast asleep so I crept to the bathroom and took a shower. By the time I was out and dressed it was time to get up anyway so I climbed on the bed and woke the man I loved, he looked adorable all sleepy. On the way to work I mentioned about looking for a divorce lawyer but I did not say I’ve written a number for one down, I wanted Dean to know I was serious about leaving James and being with Dean properly. Work flew by and before we knew it we were back at mine, we decided to go to bed early and have an early night.

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