Until They Saw Me

This story is based on a dream ive had, its quite random but ive tried to describe it the best i could. You will have to read to find out more.


1. Untill they saw me

It was a warm afternoon, the sun shined high in the sky in the pale blue sky. I grabbed my camera and decided to go for a stroll. While on my travels i cut through a reasonably sized forrest, i had taken this route many times before but somehow the woodland seem different this time. The trees stood tall and proud and the greenist of green leaves showed there colour with pride. The foot path seemed to just fade away, i knew i should of turned back but the dare devil in me took full controll. I soon came across a clearing with a small pond so i decided this would be a great place to shoot some wild animals to add to my photography. I scanned the area and spotted a branch fairly high above the ground, the perfect place to hide. I briskly climbed the tree and perched my self on the branch.

A few hours passed by and my patiance started to dwindle, just when i was about to pack my camera away a cracking sound echoed through the trees. I scanned the area but nothing stood out, then the sound echoed again. I looked down, thats when i saw them. Tree beautiful women sitting below me, oblivious to my existance. There long wavey brown hair flowed in the breese and there smiles were enough to warm the coldest of people. The most heavenly sound echoed from them as they sat there singing. I quietly set up my camera and began snapping the radiant beauties from above. One of them gracefuly stood then danced her way towards the pond, the other two gracfully followed. As they danced by the pond the water seemed to take on a mind of its own, making waves to the rhythm of their dance. They moved their bodies in harmony, each with their own sexy demeanor. Still blissfully unawere of me in the tree, i slowly climbed down to get a better view. My heart started to pound when the smallest spotted me, instantly freezing on the spot my mind whirled as these creatures. Their ears were pointed and the eyes larger than most. Lips that would hypnotise carried on carressing their song. Each one came closer dancing around me, there sent was exquisit, teasing my sences. The tallest one stepped into the crystal clear water and called to the others. I set my camera to auto shoot. All three in harmony gestured to me to follow, hypnotised i dropped my camera and backpack, took off my shoes and followed. Taking my hand they drew me into their circle then slowly pealed of my cloths. I could not stop them, i was under their spell, helpless to their control. They carried on singing as they sensually removed each others dresses. Sitting in the blue clear waters, i could not stop my gaze. The smallest one sitting infront of me, ran her soft hands over my naked body, caressing every curve. I swear my heart stopped when her tongue slid into my mouth, electrifing my sence's. A kiss from a wood nymph, so innocent but so erotic. The other two washed over my skin with the crystal waters and drove my sence's wild. I could not believe what was happening. Who could have known such beautifull creatures existed. Suddenly an enchanting bell rang through the the air and surrounded me. The girls began to disapear from sight and thats when i realised i had dreamed the whole thing.


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