The Payne He Left Me

Life had gotten worse for poor Emily. After Liam and the boys left breaking her heart, everything went down hill. She has tattoos and peircings, smokes, cuts all up and down her arms, and sees a counselour twice a month. To top on that, she hates her job at Starbucks, and James got a boyfriend and doesn't see her often. Mostly, she's all alone besides her cat. But when she runs into someone special, what will happen?

~**Sequel To 'Why Do You Hate Me, What've I Done?'**~


4. Zayn's Thoughts

Liam's P.O.V

The boys and I were wallking around a mall in London, and I was thinking about Emily. I always do. I always think about her. I can't beleive I broke up with her like that. I'm such an idiot. I remember how afterwards for two months, she always tried to call, text, tweet, or IM me. I just declined, and felt worse. I hated Simon for months. I didn't talk to him for at least six months. But Paul told me I have to. I still avoid him. I try not to talk much around him.

Niall walks off to get a Starbuck's coffee, leaving me with the boys and my thoughts. He comes back with great, yet awful news. "Guys! Guys, guess what!" Niall says, gasping for air from running. "What Niall?" Harry asks.

"Emily! She works- and- she's coming to- see us!!" Zayn runs off quickly, probably looking for her. Oh God. She's gonna hate me. What if she cries? I'm a sucker for crying girls. But I'm a sucker for her. I see Zayn at a bench, talking to her, gripping her tightly. I smile, and begin to think of what I'll say to her. We should date again. Yeah, that's what I'll say.

When I see Harry spin her around like that, I'm going to admit it, I was terribly jealous. She only glances over at me, but I take her looks in.

Woah. Her hair is excactly like Hayley Willams', short and raggedly cut, reddish orange. Nertheless, it was beautiful. I noticed she was wearing makeup, but only mascara and blush. Or was that natural? Did we make her blush? Was she emmbarresed by me? Crap, I'd hate to make her feel awkward.

"Hey." I gush. "Hi." She says coldly, staring at the ground. She talks to Zayn for a bit, then I have to pick her up just so she'll talk to me. I really broke her.

Cuts up and down her arms, peircings, tattoos, and she smokes. Wow, I feel awful. The worst part is she hates me, while I still love her.

Emily's P.O.V

It's around six o'clock, so we all decide to go to Nando's. I sit in between Harry and Liam, how awkward. At least I'm across from Zayn. After some shrieking from our waitress, and ordering our food, we start to talk.

"So Em, how old are you again?" Zayn asks. "I'm seventeen, I'll be eighteen in October." "Cool. So, how's everything been?"

"Um, good I guess." I mumble. "Emily, can we talk?" He asks me. "S-sure." I stutter. Still vulenrable. We walk outside and begin to talk. "Emily you didn't, did you?" Zayn asks worriedly. "N-no..." I lie. "Roll up your sleeves then." He says.

"Why?" He sighs, and rolls them up. He looks shocked. "E-Emily.." Zayn says, tears forming in his eyes, pulling me into a hug. "I knew you should've come on tour. I knew Liam was an idiot. I knew I should've stayed and explained." "I'm fine Zayn. It's alright."

"Wait." He pauses, pulling away. "What?" I ask. "It's Liam's fault! He shouldn't have broken up with you while he still loved you! That bastard!" He tries to walk away, but I run after him. "Zayn! Stop! I still love him! Don't hurt him...."

He stares at me in disbelief, and I realized what I just said.

I still love Liam. And unlucky me, it was true.

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