The Payne He Left Me

Life had gotten worse for poor Emily. After Liam and the boys left breaking her heart, everything went down hill. She has tattoos and peircings, smokes, cuts all up and down her arms, and sees a counselour twice a month. To top on that, she hates her job at Starbucks, and James got a boyfriend and doesn't see her often. Mostly, she's all alone besides her cat. But when she runs into someone special, what will happen?

~**Sequel To 'Why Do You Hate Me, What've I Done?'**~


15. Whatever.

I woke up at home, alone. I moan, and roll over, feeling sticky. Of course, I was still in my bathing suit. I get up and drag myself into the shower. Afterwards, I pull some sweats and a t-shirt over my head. Today was my lazy day. At least, it was planned to be.

I was layed out on the couch when I heard a knock at my door. "Ugggh." I moan, getting up and unlocking the door. I open the door to find Harry there.

"Hey Harry, what're you doing here?" I grin. "Well the boys and I were talking and... wanna' go on a camping trip with us?" he asks. "Yeah! When are we leaving?" I ask, excited. "Tommorrow, so we'll pick you up around like oneish?" "Sounds good to me. Would you like to come in babe?"

"Nah, I have to go to the studio. Kiss?" He smirks.

"You're a cheeky one, Styles." I say, pressing my lips against his. I felt a spark, no lie. But when I kissed Liam, everytime, and I mean everytime, I felt-.... Explosion? Nuclear Bomb? Fireworks? A mixture of all. I tried to pull away, put he held me close. I push him away. "Later." I smirk. He frowns, and walks off.

So I'm going camping.. hmh. Better pack. I grab my old purple backpack I used for school and starting shoving things inside. Underwear, deodorant, bra, clothes, shorts, old t-shirt, pajama pants, sunscreen, sunglasses, bugspray, etc.

After packing, I text Jamie and ask him if he can feed Oliver while I'm gone. He responds with 'Yeah, okay.' What's up with him? Doesn't he want to know all my feelings? The gossip? How I've been? I haven't talked to him in weeks and all I get is 'Yeah,okay.'?! I feel like he doesn't like me anymore. What happened to my gay overly happy best friend?!


[A\N] Excuse my crappy chapter. -.- More might be up tonight, after I check some stuff and respond to some e-mails. (Yeah, I actually got some. :b) ~***** Contest is still going on, though I found Nialler's gf... You know who you are. c;~*****So I'm just gonna'.... umh... ohkayyy..... er, bye.


The socially akward Abbyxxxx


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