The Payne He Left Me

Life had gotten worse for poor Emily. After Liam and the boys left breaking her heart, everything went down hill. She has tattoos and peircings, smokes, cuts all up and down her arms, and sees a counselour twice a month. To top on that, she hates her job at Starbucks, and James got a boyfriend and doesn't see her often. Mostly, she's all alone besides her cat. But when she runs into someone special, what will happen?

~**Sequel To 'Why Do You Hate Me, What've I Done?'**~


23. This Is The Life

Harry's P.O.V

Thunder boomed in the sky. I looked over to Emily. She had stopped crying, and had suddenly stepped out of Niall's arms. I expected her to go into Liams arm's, but instead, she walks on. Towards me. Emily stopped right in front of me, looked my dead in the eye, and slapped me, hard, on the cheek. I straighted my face. "I-I just c-can't believe you."Emily said. She cleared her throat. "You told me you loved me. Liar."

I grabbed her wrists tightly. "I wasn't lying. I do love you. You need to stop being so rude." She attempted to pull her wrist from my grasp, but she failed as I tightened my grip. "Let go." Emily whispered in a hoarse voice. I looked her in the eyes, and let go. She rubbed at her wrists. "Emily, I'm so, so sorry. Please... forgive me.." Liam was staring at me, but I didn't care. I pressed my lips to hers gently, and she didn't pull away. Rain slowly began to flow down on us, and everybody but Emily and I stayed out in the rain. I kissed her soflty for a moment before pulling away and saying, "Give me another chance."

I know I should've just ended our realationship, but I couldn't help but want to still be with her. She looked up at me, her lips slightly parted. "Emily, please. I.... I love you." I looked into her eyes. She just wrapped her arms around me. She didn't even reply. Emily just held on to me tight. "Come on, babe. Let's go in my tent."

She nodded, and we walked, hand-in-hand, to my tent. It was empty; Louis probably left to be off with El in her tent. We stepped in, and sat inside of the large tent. It was like half the size of the one we used in our 'Live While We're Young' video, but it's still huge. I sat down on the floor of the tent, patting the seat next to me, indicating for Emily to sit beside me.

"Harry?" Emily asked shyly. "Yes, babe?" I smiled, turning to face her. "If you ever cheat on me again, I'll rip off your head, sell it on eBay, then plant flowers in your neck. Is that enough of a warning, Harry?" I stared at her, in disbelief. Then she began to laugh. "You think I would acctually do that? I'm only a weak little girl!" She was laughing so hard she could barely breathe. I chuckled along with her, wiping away her tears from the laughter. She sat up, and I pulled her into my lap, pushing back her vibrant red hair, kissing the back of her neck softly.

Emily stopped laughing, and was silent. I nibbled lightly on a spot on her neck, causing her to giggle. "Harry! Stoooooooop!" Emily whined. I pouted, and turned her around on my lap, so she had one leg on each side of me. I kissed her hungrily, and smiled into the kiss. I didn't deepen it though, knowing she did'nt want to go to far. I pulled away, and smiled at her. She stared polietly right on through, if you'll pardon the pun. I laid on my back, And she did too. We stayed like that for a long time, just enjoying eachother's warmth. I held her close, and she allowed me. This is the life.

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