The Payne He Left Me

Life had gotten worse for poor Emily. After Liam and the boys left breaking her heart, everything went down hill. She has tattoos and peircings, smokes, cuts all up and down her arms, and sees a counselour twice a month. To top on that, she hates her job at Starbucks, and James got a boyfriend and doesn't see her often. Mostly, she's all alone besides her cat. But when she runs into someone special, what will happen?

~**Sequel To 'Why Do You Hate Me, What've I Done?'**~


7. Not like normal girls.

I wake up to my alarm, "Ignorance" by Paramore. Ugh. I get up and throw on a black long-sleeve t-shirt, my Starbucks apron, my black skinny jeans, and black XX High converse. I feed Olly, and put on some mascara. I grab my keys and head outside.

Last fall, I bought an old red pickuptruck from the late 80s. It only cost me a couple hundred a month, and soon enough, this truck will be paid for. The paint is chipped, and the windowshield cracked, but it starts up. I climb into my car and put the keys in ignition.

I drive up to the mall, and walk into Starbucks, ready for a long day ahead of me.

~*9 hours later*~

Ohmygod. I'm so tired! My job was nine hours long, and it's already seven o'clock. I got payed today, so I decide to look around the mall. I'm not like normal girls. I don't buy my clothes from Aeropastle, Hollister, Victoria's Secret, and my makeup from Sephora. I get my clothes from Hot Topic and Journey's, and my makeup from Target.

I walk to Hot Topic, and look at their new items. Wow, that Walking Dead t-shirt is cool... I look around a bit more, and end up buying a bow necklace, an Adventure Time T-shirt, and a Falling In Reverse album. Afterwards, I grab a burger to eat, and drive back home.


[A\N] Sorry for the short crappy chapter, but it gets better in the next chapter, I swear!

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