The Payne He Left Me

Life had gotten worse for poor Emily. After Liam and the boys left breaking her heart, everything went down hill. She has tattoos and peircings, smokes, cuts all up and down her arms, and sees a counselour twice a month. To top on that, she hates her job at Starbucks, and James got a boyfriend and doesn't see her often. Mostly, she's all alone besides her cat. But when she runs into someone special, what will happen?

~**Sequel To 'Why Do You Hate Me, What've I Done?'**~


2. Him...

Im so BORED! I'm working at Starbucks right now, and my boss was out, while all the other workers were in the back, leaving me to run the cash register, take orders, and make the drinks. It's so busy too, as I work at a mall in London. At least it's within close driving distance. Everything is so dull. I catch a glimpse of somebody walking up to the stand and I mutter, "How may I help you sir?" while playing with my bracelets. "Oh, nothing, I just want a huge HUG Emily!" says a familar voice. Could it be him?

I look up and sure enough, my eyes meet with peircing blue eyes and a mess of blonde and brown hair. "Niall!" I gasp, jumping over the counter. He pulls me into the largest hug ever, a perfect 'Horan Hug'.

Tears well up in my eyes as I say into his chest, "I missed you so much. I never thanked you either." "Oh, it's nothing. I only saved your life!" Niall joked. The tears fall, and I say, "Thank you." He pulls away, examining me. "You look much older! Are those peircings, though?" He says, fiddling with my earrings.

I swatt his hand away. "Yes, they are." I giggle. "Wait, are you crying babe? Should I leave or..-" I cut him off. "No, please don't! I've felt so alone. They're happy tears, I promise." I grin. "Alright. Hey, the boys are here! Want to see them?" Niall says excitedly. "Yeah, I'd love to! But what about him...."

"Who?" He says confusededly. "Liam...." "He said you ended on good terms." I shake my head. "No, very bad... through a note... Can we please talk about this later?" He nods, and kisses my forehead. "Hey, I get off work in like ten... Want to hang out?" I say.

"Of course! I'll go tell the boys." I nod, even though I had no intention to even see his face. I tell the girls and they say I can get off, but I'll lose five pounds. Oh well. I change out of my uniform, and into my original clothes.

I brush out my hair, and try to cover up all my scars up and down my arms. I walk out, and wait for Niall. I'm on my phone, when somebody taps on my shoulder. "Excuse me miss, but get your ass up, I want a hug!" I look up to see a grinning Zayn. "Zayn!" I say, before crashing into his arms. "I missed you so, so, much! I thought I'd never see you."

"That doesn't matter, because now I'm here with my bestest friend ever." He smirks. "Are those gauges? And tattoos?" Zayn asks. "Erm, yeah." I say nervously. I knew he wouldn't approve. "Okay, if you're happy. Come see the boys!" He says, dragging me over to a mop of curls wearing a cheeky smile and beautiful green eyes.

I nearly jump onto him, and he just holds me tighter. No words were spoken, we understood eachother that much. He spins me around in circles, chuckling the entire time. He sets me down with a kiss on the cheek.

"Lou!" I shout, pulling him into a massive hug as well. "Emily." He says through tears. I pull away and wipe my tears. "I missed you four so much." I say with a grin. "Hey." Liam mumbles, waving his hand.

Woah. I just noticed him. He looked, just, incredible. His hair was styled up, and he wears a plaid shirt and jeans, with black converse like mine. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, and he looked adorable.

Butterflies flipped around in my stomach. Why though? I hated him! He didn't love me, and never did. But they were still there.

I look at the ground, and mumble, "hey." coldly. "So, erm, what tattoos do you have?" Zayn asks.

"Well, there is one on my back, it says 'NeverShoutNever' in French, because I belive everything is possible, and one on my wrist, it says 'Stay strong' in cursive with a little heart."

Liam smiles a bit, but I give him a cold glare.

"Em, can I talk to you please?" Liam says, stepping close to me, whispering it in my ear. "No." I say.

He moans, and grabs my waist, picking me up over his shoulder. "LIAM!" I shout. "Let me the fuck go!"

He shakes his head, and walks a bit until we walk out to the parking lot. "What is it Liam! I don't want to talk!" I say, a lump rising in my throat. "I want to get back together."

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