Somebody That I Used To Love

Harry styles the famous popstar gets a big surprise from his girlfriend and there fairy tale realationship gets turned upside down.


1. Hide behind a lie

Chapter 1:

Harry's pov:
"HOW.HOW KATE HOW?" "Harry I really have no idea what your screaming at me for what did I do?!?!?" The moment I heard those words come from my girlfriend Kate's lips I felt my face get hot and I grabbed her wrist and threw her down on the bed.

Kate's pov:
"OUCH....HARRY YOUR HURTING ME! HARRY!!!!!!!!" Harry was on top of me holding me down by my forearms I couldn't escape his grip until he softened it. "oh my gosh baby I'm so so so sorry... Oh no you have a bruise." Harry fell the the floor crying I slowly backed away every time Harry would take a step closer to me. "baby please let me fix it Kate I'm sorry please.." I felt my body shake when I was finally against the wall Harry was holding my wrist gently kissing the bruise he made. I felt Harry gently pull me into a hug, But I instantly pulled away.// the first few chapters are sort of just building up the drama. You can also read the fanfic on Instagram @i_love_these_5boys or Wattpad: 5loves
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