life in heaven

every summer we go to flordia. this time ally gets to bring a friend. shes going to bring layla. they have their summer all planed out but will they live to see the end of it? will they survive to do what the planned for the summer?


1. chapter one

Every summer we go to Florida. This year i get to bring a friend I know exactly who i'm going to pick. I picked up the phone i dialed her number 387-624-8745. "hello?" Layla said "hey Layla" i said back "oh hey" she said " soooo Layla do you want to come to Florida with me this year?" i asked. The other end was silent. "hello?" i asked "OMG" she screamed "OF COURSE LET ME ASK MY MOM. hold please!!" "ok" so i waited for her to come back on. Then she came back "no sorry i cant" she said sadly. I was devastated "oh ok sorry i asked" i said sadly. "KIDDING" she yelled. we both left. about five minutes later she was at my door. she came in and she ran upstairs.

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