life in heaven

every summer we go to flordia. this time ally gets to bring a friend. shes going to bring layla. they have their summer all planed out but will they live to see the end of it? will they survive to do what the planned for the summer?


2. chapter 2

The next morning, we were ready to go. We had to take 2 cars because my brother was taking his stupid girlfriend. There were six of us. Suddenly out of nowhere, a giant camper came barreling down the road. Dad peeked out of the window "hop in." he said. so we all did. There was a kitchen, a big bed (for my parents), a bunk room with 2 bunks (for my brother and his girlfriend), and a living room. "where do we sleep?" i asked dad "right here." he pointed to the couch. "but dad only one person can fit on that." "watch." he said excitedly. He pulled out a bed. " COOL!" we both screamed. "whoa" Layla said "this is kinda wiggly and bouncy." Then i had it "hey" i pulled off the brown covering and there it was the plastic with the water inside. Its a waterbed! "cool"everyone said. So we started driving. From Idaho to Florida. It will take 2 weeks to plan our summer in paradise... I didn't know it will on last 1 week and 6 days...  

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