the old oak tree

basicly a girl named wendy has a favourite tree, she goes there when shes sad tird or loney. and one day somthing mysterious happend.


1. Wendy

Wendy, she's not an ordinary girl, she spreads different emotions and sometimes doesn't know what emotions she is using.

One day, she was confused so she headed up to her old oak tree, which her geat-grandma planted for her future great granchild. So she sat on the bottom branch with aa book held in her hand and a flask of tea.

so she headed home for dinner, soup and bread, which her mother made every night. The sun was beating on her curly locks of royal blond hair. The morning arrived, and she hiked up to the tree with her breakfast biscuits and mug of coffe. she loved nature and all the things in it, suddenlly a fly apered on her left shoulder so she looked down to nose and it, and all of a sudden a cute faced boy was standing under the branch looking up at the hem of her white and red checkered dress.

"allo" he wonderd 

"good day is'nt it" he chatted

"oh hello care to join me, your very welcome"

she didnt know what to do so she flicked of the branch and stod to one end of the tree. now you wouldn't expect somone to just add somthing to somthing special, but funily enough that one little scrap of a boy had two planks of wood and rope, and fixed them together to make a swing.

"well you going to join me them" the boy asked

"course" replied wendy.   

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