What I See

What I see is a woman getting older with the fears. She has shed so many tears.


1. What I see

What I see is a woman getting older with the fears. She has so many fears and alot of doubts. No one wants her around anymore. They just don't have time for her. They put her in a nursing home and never bother to go and see her. Do not make her fell special.  She feels so alone with no home of her own.  She has nothing left but long ago memories and the good times she had.


The love she once knew . Now everyone has left her with nothing to do. She feels helpless because she can't do what she is supposed to. She knows family and friends don't want to wait on her. They just shut her out.They have families of their own. So they don't do anything but watch her grow old.


So she will die and they will have what she owns. No love do they give to her. No hugs or kisses. They just want her to grow old and die. I see it every day with my eyes. They don't want her to dress up or go out. Just do what they say.


To me this is so wrong. Why should a woman stop living because she'd getting older. With love and support , you will be suprised. What a woman can do.


She has helped many a person in her life. Why can you not give her back some of the things, she gave you. She has given love, joy, pleasure and so much more.  She will fight for you and love you only. Stand beside you, not turn away. She will make you happy and dry the tears when they come.


Just think if it was not for woman none of us would be here. What I see is women are strong they can take things that would drive most people up a wall. They don't back down they stand up for what is right. They will be there with you in time of need. That is the life of a older woman.


Don't you think a woman gets older because she is told she should  not go out. That she is supposed to take care of family and home.  She would love to dress up and go out. Not be home  alone reading a book. Or sitting in a rocking chair with knitting and crochet. She has so many things , she wants to do. Not be in a nursing home where no one cares.

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