One direction imagines

If you would like me to write a an imagine for you just tell me your FULL NAME, AGE, and ONE DIRECTION MEMBER.I am sorry if i dont get all of them done but i will try to write and update as often i can.Also tell me if you want specific places or things in it(Eg:Pets, people, attractions, a personal thing or what happens)

Laila Huckin xx


6. Niall imagine for Chloe#2

Niall is at a recording and you are with him. You are listening to your boyfriends beautiful voice singing 'Live while we are young'.when he is singing the chorus, he winks at you and you blush madly.He smiles at you and continues to sing. You think about how perfect you life is, you have an amazing boyfriend, really good friends and loving parents. When you come out of dream world niall says"babe we are finished recording and now we are going to Nandos"

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