One direction imagines

If you would like me to write a an imagine for you just tell me your FULL NAME, AGE, and ONE DIRECTION MEMBER.I am sorry if i dont get all of them done but i will try to write and update as often i can.Also tell me if you want specific places or things in it(Eg:Pets, people, attractions, a personal thing or what happens)

Laila Huckin xx


17. Louis Imagine for Ellie#4

"Come on El we're going to be late!" Louis yells from his car. You and the boys are going to a theme park for some summer fun for the day. You grab your bag and head out the door. "Don't you look beautiful?" Louis says in amazement. "Thanks" You say as you feel yourself going red. "C'mon then lets go!" You say trying to break the silence. "Ok!" Louis yells in his 'Trying to be quiet voice.' Once you get there you instantly recognize the boys getting swarmed by fans. You start laughing as you see Niall's expression. You are sure he is longing for some Nando's and there is one across the road. He keeps staring at the Nando's, but he can't get there because of the fans. You decide to get him some. When you come back he is so happy because as always he was hungry. You then see Louis gesturing to go over to him. You go over and realize that he wants to take you on a ride. So you choose the roller coaster  You are a real daredevil. Luckily so is he. You get on and once it stops he looks at you and you look at him. You lean in and you kiss. You felt sparks flying everywhere just like yours and louis first kiss!

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