One direction imagines

If you would like me to write a an imagine for you just tell me your FULL NAME, AGE, and ONE DIRECTION MEMBER.I am sorry if i dont get all of them done but i will try to write and update as often i can.Also tell me if you want specific places or things in it(Eg:Pets, people, attractions, a personal thing or what happens)

Laila Huckin xx


5. Louis imagine for Crystal#2

As you and your newly found boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, walk up to the airport a girl comes up to Louis and asks for an autograph. Louis gives her an autograph and he is about to move away but, the girl asks for a kiss. Louis sais no because "he is saving his lips for someone else" You smile because you have a pretty good idea about who that someone else.You finally get away from the fan girl and you are about to arrive at the security check when, the paparazzi show up." Uh oh blimmin not them again"The paparazzi started screaming and yelling questions at us.Oh boy this is gonna be fun.You finally arrive at Louis private easy jet.Lets just say it was a very very modern thing.It is halfway through the plane journey and you start warching a film on a 3D flatscreen TV. You put in the film love acctually and start watching.Louis comes and sits down next to you and pulls the blanket up over youYou cuddle and kiss and soon you fall asleep.You dream about Louis and you wake up to Louis saying "We have arrived babe"you set of and enjoy the rest of the tour with Louis and the boys.

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