One direction imagines

If you would like me to write a an imagine for you just tell me your FULL NAME, AGE, and ONE DIRECTION MEMBER.I am sorry if i dont get all of them done but i will try to write and update as often i can.Also tell me if you want specific places or things in it(Eg:Pets, people, attractions, a personal thing or what happens)

Laila Huckin xx


9. Liam imagine for Charlotte#2

You are Liam Payne's girlfriend and have been for a month, Liam and the boys are going to an interveiw and he wants you to come. You have agreed so, you are choosing a dress to wear because you obviously want to look good because it is gonna be on 'Hello 'America' and that has quite afew veiwers . In the end you decide to wear a baby pink, sweetheart neckline layer dress with a netting petticoat. In your hair you precautionately place a silver, pink-glass-bead decorated claw grip.Whe you both are ready you get into Liam's Black Audi and drive to the interveiw. It is the 'Alan Carr Show'. He asks Liam loads of questions and asks you a few.When the interveiw finishes Liam takes you to the newly opened club'The Funky Budda'. When you look aroun you see all the bys are there and also Perrie, Danielle, Elanor and a girl that Harry is hooked up with called Kayleigh.You and Liam decide to be sober so he can drive the rest home. When you look at Louis he is already chugging down his 4th beer. You see Harry and Kayleigh on the dance floor giving eachother hickeys and love bites. You know how it is gonna end up and everyone else knows so to.When you finally get home to Liams flat you turn off the light and lets just say that was the start of your short lived romance.And it was very good.

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