One direction imagines

If you would like me to write a an imagine for you just tell me your FULL NAME, AGE, and ONE DIRECTION MEMBER.I am sorry if i dont get all of them done but i will try to write and update as often i can.Also tell me if you want specific places or things in it(Eg:Pets, people, attractions, a personal thing or what happens)

Laila Huckin xx


12. Harry imagine for becky#5

Drip drop drip drop, the rain pours down your steamy glass window. You. Are. Bored.You decide to go on your iPod touch. You go on the call one direction app, you know it is silly but you have nothing better to do. You choose Harry to call as he is your favourite in the band. You ring up the imaginary number and a voice answers "hello, Harry Styles speaking"something sounds different in his voice from the last time you played on this game but you take no notice. You think it would be fun to say" Oh hello darling, i have just arranged for our chocolate wedding cake and i hope you have the ring ready" you chuckle to yourself at your odd answer.But soon a voice comes from the other end saying"um er who is this?"you feel gobsmacked. This is not what happens on the call 1D app." This is Becky and i am fake calling Harry Styles from One Direction!"you hear a someone sharply breath in at the other end of the line." No you are not fake calling him he is right here, on the phone to you"a wave of curiosity sweeps over you but you brush it aside." If you are the real Harry Styles sing for me!" you say pretty convinced that this will catch the person out"Ok "the person says calmly" What shall I sing?"you are very taken aback by who is on the phone but you answer anyway"Live while were young" this is your favourite song by one direction so you obviously choose it. He sings and he sounds exactly like Harry styles. You soon hear the sound of feet and and a loud knocking at your front door. You open it and there stands the one and only, yours truly, Harry Styles! With his iPhone held to his ear. You stand there with your mouth gaping open and closed like a gold fish. " He he hel hell" is all you manage to get out" Harry just stares at you and you start feeling a bit self conscious. "Is there some thing wrong" he looks down immediately and whispers shamefully" you are beautiful that is all" you blush tomato red and hide your face in your hands. You finally speak up" was that you on the phone to me just now" his eyebrows furrow deep whilst he thinks, he raises one and says"umm yep thats me"you instantly realise that he herd you talking about the wedding cake and ring conversation. " To make it less awkward he says softly" i was talking to Louis and then the line went dead and i herd you talking" he laughs nervously and only produces more awkwardness.
A week later you and harry are dating and loving each other to bits, literally, just because of one fake phone call, or so you thought!!
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