I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


13. Whats this about

My P.O.V

Waking up on a warm December morning i put on my long white flowing skirt and a black ripped top that Lou had left out for me, my hair was in a ballet bun and i had barley any makeup on, skipping downstairs i noticed somthing very peculiar there was seven pink and seven blue suitcases in the middle of the living room. My eight best friends around the kitchen table and my boo cooking everybody breakfast. The rich smell off Sausages, eggs and beans tantilised my nose. Sitting down next to Danni she just smiled
"He hasn't told you yet has he?We all found out last night, you'll like it don't worry."

I sat thinking at what my boobear could be doing, but my thoughts got abruply disturbed, when Lou started giving everybody there food, bless he was like a proper little chef
"~Laim two sausage, two bacon, one egg, no beans, lots of tomatoes and a round of toast is up. ~Hazza the same as Liam and its up. ~Niall two of everything but tomato is up. ~ Danni two bacon, hold the tomatoes, lots of toast, loads of beans and one bacon is up. ~Zayn three bacon, loads of beans, two sausage, two egg, hold the tomato, extra toast is up. ~Nikki one of everything and extra toast is up. ~Kay one sausage, one bacon, two egg, hold the beans and tomato is up.~Perrie four french toast, two eggs and a sausage, ketchups on the side behind you by the way. Ahhhh thats everybody right" Lou gasped for air as he sat down with his food he winked at me so i threw one of Danni's toast at him.
"I'm kidding love here you go, hold the bacon,three sausage,two eggs, four toast and loads of beans just for you." He handed me the plate and it was the cutest thing id ever seen, the whole meal was in the shape of a heart, he even cut the toast into hearts for me, my boobear's just the sweetest thing ever!

Everybody had ate and i really wanted to know what we were doing today, why were all the suitcases there? was somebody leaving?

"Boobear, what are we doing today" i asked as i wrapped my arms lovingly around his torso.
"Youll see, all i need you too do is be your beautiful self and sit in the car on the journey, all will be revealed babey girl"

Awhhh thats sweet of him, he's planned something real special for all of us i can tell. Where is Zayn and Haz going with the suitcases?

Harry's P.O.V

Me and Zayn squeezed the final suitcase into the boot of the van, there had to be the five bags of hand luggage in the back with us lads and girls you see our van it has a massive 'U' shaped sofa wrapped round it and then the biggest boot in the world and it barley held all our luggage. I couldn't stop thanking LouLou this trip is going to be one we never ever forget. Everybody was clambering into the van before i took one foot away. Watching Lou caushiously bringing Marie out with his hands over her eyes was sweet, she really wanted to know where we were going but we were going to blindfold her all through the journey and through out the airport she'll find out when were on the plane. Paris, Paris the city of love, five couples, ten best friends, three weeks anything could happen.

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