I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


7. That's Appauling!

My P.O.V

Waking up that morning i soon realised that I had to make Lou see, she wasnt good for him, she's only goin to hurt him. Slipping into my black fluffy feather skirt and tucking in my striped shirt i did the final touces to my look, the yellow glasses, shoes and oh yeah be jelous my yellow suspenders!!! Adding my eyeliner to my foundationed face made me feel better as i threw my hair up into a messy bun.

Louis's P.O.V

All i could think about was Marie, where is she this morning i mean apart from Zayn whos always bloody sleeping anyway were all down here, she should be here by now,
"boobear you okay?" El looked at me with those puppy dog eyes that could melt butter
"yes Love your boobears absoloutly fine" i reasured her as she snuggled into my chest, she's like my soulmate i cant believe im going to jepurdise what we have because of Marie...
"be back in a min boo, love you" she blew me a kiss and i caught it and put it near my heart, its kinda just our thing but i think its sweet.

My P.O.V

Walking out of my bedroom i was going to go downstairs when i herd murmuring
"zayneyboo where are you, i know you want to kiss me really" was that El?!
"No El i don't its not fair on Lou you sneeking round like this especially not with me, i mean your stun..." zayn?! And as i walked closer towards the door i peeked through the gap and saw El snogging the face off Zayn, i was horrified their appauling!!!! I grabbed my phone from my top and slowly pressed the camera button and *SNAP* i got a picture

Marie [1] : El [0]

Walking down the stairs i could feel all eyes on me it was uncomfortable but i loved how Lou looked at me with his cute little puppy dog eyes, then El cleared her throat an whispered
"Oy short ass, stay away from my man, hes not blind and your not perfect enough for him, im his soulmate so BACK OFF" its fair to say i moved out the way for her on the stairs and watched her embrace Lou, kiss him and stay perfectly attached to his chest as she sprawled her feet along the couch so i couldnt sit down Lou shook his head.
"Hey Lou, later can i talk to you like one on one please" it wasnt really me asking him more like begging, he had to know what went on for his own good
"Boo you dont wanna be with that minger do you?" El replied by harsly giving me a look that i swear would kill if it could.
"El thats not very nice, be kind to Marie she's not going anywhere in a hurry and of corse you can love ill speak to you after tea" he said whilst tapping her on the nose cutely and nodding at me, boy i wish i was her....

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