I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


15. Tears On The Sand

Perrie's P.O.V

All ten of us stumbled out of the airport laughing our heads off at Niall and his ways, hurling our luggage into the boot of our hired 4x4, Lou began to drive, it was almost 12.00 here in Paris and i couldn't be happier i was with my boy and my best mates, honestly a girl couldn't ask for more.

Kay's P.O.V

We just ran into the hotel rooms and mine and Harry's was huge! and we had one of the smaller rooms, god Marie's and Lou's must be like it's own little house!! Dumping our luggage in the rooms not bothering to unpack we quickly changed into some swimwear and headed for the beach.

My P.O.V

Our hotel room is massive, its perfect i'm so proud of my boo-bear for doing all of this, we drove to the beach and placed our towels on the floor everyone ran off to go to the water exept for me and Lou, he had a really concerned look on his face, and thats when my smile dropped
"Babe look i know that we've been together for a while, and you love me even if i give you awful news, so i thought i should tell you this now, baby im so sorry but....Jem your little nephew he died"
My whole body shook, i couldn't stop crying, Lou embraced me tightly and stroked my hair, my eyes were going redder and redder by the second
"Baby i'm sorry, i know how much he ment to you, your whole family wanted you to have this holiday to make you happy again, and it's with me so i promise that i'll do my very best to make you smile."
I kissed Lou gently on the lips as he wiped my tears away, the sand was damp from where they hit the floor continuously, but these things can unfortunately happen, i really hope he's safe now, i have to have fun this holiday, it has to take my mind of things, it just has too.

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