I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


6. Settling in <3

Zayn's P.O.V

So the girls have been with us little over an hour now and to be honest they seem sweet, i can tell were gonna be great mates, at the moment there trying to get Marie and Nikki to sing, why haz wants nikki to sing i don't know but i'd quite like to see why Uncle Simon hired Marie. Then it was like a burst of magic, i had to look twice, seeing Marie sit down behind our piano and do the most beautiful acoustic version of tulisa's verse off i need you, i was in shock! Now i see why he hired her to tour with us.

My P.O.V

"last night i met a fella', he made me feel so oh oh oh that can mean what you want it to mean, hoped to the ladies for a sec, but when i came back had he left, oh i felt so alone, he left me standing in my lbd and my bang bang shoes i was so confused, i came so close, you touched my body, you left me standing like a statue baby i need you."

All the boys just stared it was kind of strange to see them like that but hey ho it was nice to finally sing and play the piano for them, suddenly Lou started clapping i looked at him in that kind of 'shhhhhh' look and he stopped for me :') i stood up and sat back down next to Lou, he wispered into my ear and my whole body shivered with how ward his breath was
"you were amazing Marie, and oh so beautiful" i had no words i just went a lovley crimson colour.

So it's fair to say ive settled in with all the boys, and to save nikki from Niall's pressuring of trying to make her sing i suggested that we all go to bed because of One direction and me being on the Alan Carr Chatty Man and El comming tomorrow, is it me or is Zayn weirdly happy abou that, meh its probably just me, i'd hate to see Lou get hurt really i would.

Sitting down in my pijamas at 3am everyone was asleep, but this was all so diffrent to me it's weird not being home so i thought i'd go and make myself a middle of the night cuppa and grab a carrot or two, and considering Lou showed me everything so i know where it all is, i might as well. stirring in 3 sugars and milk i felt a had on my shoulder

"hey love, can't sleep?" knowing it was Lou cheered me up, so i shook my head. as i took a sip of my tea and ate a carrot.
"it's really diffrent here, guess it'll take abit to realise that this is my home now, but i like it, i love being here with you guys and the boys, specially you Lou, my carrot loving friends made me so welcome and i can't thank you enough" i said embracing in a hug.
"It's fine sweetheart don't worry bout it, i'll always be here for you" he said, i could tell that he ment it his eyes looked deep into mine and we were about to lean in when the door opened.
"BOOBEAR" El screamed running towards Lou "who is she.." she said pointing to me
"this is Marie she's new to syco El, im so glad your here, i knew you'd come in the middle of the night i just knew it" he spoke to her diffrently than i thought he would but he was smiling
"common boo lets go to bed, she'll be fine here" El declared
"Oh okay hunnie" Lou left but he waved bye bye to me and mimed to sleep well, El however gave me death glares as she walked up the stairs holding hands with Lou, i couldn't help thinking had i fallen for Mr.Tomlison? I mean he's always been my favorite but love is a strong word, 'Love Lou' were the only two words that seemed to echo through my head as i crawled under my sheets, put my headphones in and drifted away listning to Lou, Ni, Li, Haz and Zayn singing live while were young.

Tommorow will be fine i thought to myself.

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