I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


17. Revenge isn't always sweet

My P.O.V

I havn't slept for days, So much for the perfect time in Paris, every night i dream of the same thing, the paparazzi have caught all of us at some point but mainly me and Louis. He's such a star, always being thee for me at night, never leaving my side in the day, he's mine and i couldn't be happier.<3

El's P.O.V

He's MINE and he ALWAYS will be, MY boo-bear, MY soulmate.

My head was contemplating all of the diffrent ways to destroy the happy couple, they were plastered in the papers on the T.V everywhere i turn theres one directions and their girlfriends in Paris. Well i think considering my boo must still love me somewhere in his heart i thought i'd go and make a slight 'apperence' to everybody

~Ladies and gentleman we will be landing in Paris in approximately 5 minutes, please secure your belongings and fasten your seat belts.

Lets go get my Boo-bear back. i knew where they were staying, how long they were staying for and even what room, so i ensured that i booked into their hotel.

Hauling my bags through the door of my hotel room, i carefully unzipped my suitcase, in this held the key to wrecking a happy couple. i smoothly ran my fingers against my 'secret weapon' and i began to slowly walk, travling all the way to their rooms on the top floor and i hid behind the corner, they all emerged out of the five rooms and began to walk when suddenly my plan went more accurate than i imagined it would.

My P.O.V

Me and my Lou walked out of our room holding hands and playing a game of 'thumb war' with the rest of the best mates, Niall was bridal syle carrying Nikki out of their room, Zayn and Perrie were hand in hand, Kay had her head rested on Hazza's sholder and he was holding her tightly and Dannie was being given a piggy back by Liam. After mine and Louis's thumb war had ended i noticed my shoelace was undone so i told them all that i'd catch them up and i began to tie up my van's that Lou had got me this holiday.

My head shifted constantly, it was like somebody was there, but when i looked... nothing. Then i heard footsteps, i turned around a final time and saw her, i saw El, she was just smiling and before i knew it i felt a sharp pain running through my back, it all went numb, i screamed and before i blacked out, i heard Lou. Why did she do that.

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