I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


4. Our Suprise :')

My P.O.V

Wow Lou and the boys have really gone there, how did they know we love helicopters!!! climbing in, Paul took all our luggage to the back of the helicopter jusmping in he handed us a little note you can so tell it was going to be off the boys, placing the headphones and speakers on, the copter started lifting us so high off the ground we just stared out the window before opening the note.

~HEYY NOT LONG NOWW :D!!!!!! right what we needed to say was everytime your near a big feild look out and read it, some will be carved, some will be fans but you should like the messages. love 1D<3

ASDFGHJKL looking out of the window became a game to me and nikki, the first was a carving of me in my one direction hoodie holding Nikki's hand we look like complete idiots with the faces were pulling but i love it, how did they even get hold of that picture?

"oh my god, Marie look" Nikki screamed, there was so many fans, together they made a heart and 'we all love you Marie and nikki' underneath, my fans are so sweet.

the third thing was strange it was a massive canvas painting on the grass, it's like they bleached the grass and painted it, but nikki was overwhelmed with what it said, because it said 'NIK HAZZA THINKS YOUR CUTE!!' she just turned a deep purple and giggled like an idiot.

the last five feilds were a countdown '3' '2' '1' '0' 'YOUR HERE!!!!!'

Stumbling off the helicopter, me and nikki thanked the pilot and ran towards the masive bus planted in the middle of the feild, knocking on the tinted window somebody slowly made it go down, he had beautiful brown hair then as it moved down some more i noticed it was him

"Hey love, you doing good, how did you like our supise for ya"  he said with a cheeky little wink.
"it was amazing Lou thankyou" we both said in unison
"anytime, now Paul's put your luggage in the back im gonna move and let the driver drive now, hop in, seeya inna min!" Lou seemed full of energy when he said that, however me and Nikki were exhausted.

Going into the bus was strange, this is my life now, looking at the massive long white leather sofa and the 150" 3D Plazma on the wall, they didn't notice me or nikki, too engrossed in 3D Toy Story.

"common lovely's" Lou whispered as he pulled us both into the 'living room' part of the bus, he cleared his throat and all the boys looked over

"MARIE!!! NIKKI!!" they all said in time with eachother, waving a little they all came over and hugged us, Harry seemed to just stare at Nikki, and when i looked around Lou was staring at me, could it be... no of corse not he has El she's stunning, funny, exactly like him i couldn't compeate with that.
"you two must be really tired" Harry said tenderly, i yawned and nikki shook her head.
"Gess that answered your question ey' haz" sarcaticly said by Niall
"Common love, i'll show you two to my room, we have at least another hour until we get home, so common, have a power nap" he held his hand out waiting for me to take it, of corse without hesitation i did and as i lay down on Lou's bed he sat down beside me kissed my hand and began singing
"i've tried playing it cool, but when im looking at you, i can't ever be brave, cause you ake my heart race, shot me outta the sky, your my kryptonite, you keep making me weak, yeah frozen and can't brea...." and i fell asleep listning to the beautiful mr.tomlinson.

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