I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


21. Listning never Talking~ zayn and Perrie

Zayn's P.O.V

I'd just stumped out my final ever ciggerette as me and Perrie nervously walked into Sam's room, i cant believe that she never told us that was her name, it suites her so much, Perrie was tearing up just looking at her and then what she said made me smile so much, you see the reason me and Perrie went through a rough patch wasnt because of me smoking and well the reason why i'm quitting smoking isn't for me its for somebody who i love and somebody who ive yet to meet. Perrie said this to Marie i mean Sam

"Hey bab, missin' you like a bird misses its egg, its so weird without you here to make us all smile, i really hope you can hear us because your the first one out of all of us that me and Zayn want to tell. I'm pregnant Sam, 4 months acctually we told everybody that our rough patches were about Zayn and his smoking but it was acctually just about the moodswings this baby's been giving me, its a little girl that were having and were naming her amelia paige malik and i'm so happy that thats off my chest now, i know you can hear me say this so i love you and im sure when the time comes amelia will love her Auntie Sam, that is if you want to be her autnie, i hope you do. Love you Sammiie"

I kissed my beautiful girlfriend and rubbed her tiny bump that had just begun to show earlier this week, as i began to talk to Sam

"Oi lazy ass, wake up, we miss you, i cant believe that im going to be a dad and i cant believe that your in the state you are, please get better, i want amelia to meet her auntie not just hear about her, Sam does suite you alot more that Marie has and ever will, i stopped smoking today, im going to do this for everyone for you for me for Perrie but mainly for my sweetepea, the little girl im so exited to meet. Anyway love my sister wake up soon, we all need you one way or another." i gave her a hug and so did Perrie as we walked out i had my mind fixated on my beautiful family.

We both reasured Lou and said goodbye to everyone, i really hope Nikki pulls through, she seems so down about it. 

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