I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


19. Listning never Talking~ Haz and Kay

My P.O.V

I could hear the door slam shut and heard that familiar cheeky voice and my amazing cousin, but the darkness is too strong, i could'nt do anything but bask in the anastetic

"Hey beautiful gurlie, i miss my cousin, please wake up, non of us want you to be here for cristmas, we want us all to be in our hotel, in beautiful Paris, its chilled off loads at home and Tez thought that a picture of you her and Jem would be an amazing way to warm your heart, i know it warmed mine when i saw his little face smiling, she really misses you Sam don't give up, you have to fight the darkness, i love you" I love my Kayleigh, i wish i could hug her back as she kissed my forhead i heard Haz begining to talk
"Alright knobhead" I knew he would be winking and joking around when he said that i tried to laugh but still nothing..."Listen Marie, Sam whatever your name may be i think its still amazing, your still my bezzed' and i miss you so hurry up and get those lazy eyes open, Louis breaking because he thinks its all his fault for leaving you on your own, he'd take the bullet for you Sam any day anytime, i'm gonna make all the lads call you Sam now, embrace your name it suites you a hell of alot more, love my ickle sister" i could feel him kissing my hand and them both walking out of the room, i love hearing them talk to me, can't wait for the next two.

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