I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


1. Introducing me!<3

Hey! Nice to meet ya <3<3

My names Marie Fallon, nobody knows that my real name, i hate it! i mean common who calls there little girl Samantha-Maria-Lyn Fallon i know i'm there princess and all but i do not need the name!

Anyway i'll let you know abit about me, i'm not really out there, sometimes my headphones and a good book is all i need or even jus sit me behind a piano and i'll be happy :D I'm 14 but 15 soon, my birthday's the same day as Louis Tomlinson's, yes my birthdays on Christmas eve, it can suck sometimes but i dont mind its just two consecutive days of celebrating.

My family is quite big, i have two brothers (Riley and Leo) and a sister (Tez), there all older than me though, Tez has a little boy whos 6 and he's called Jem. I love him to bits!!! I live with mum and dad, everyboy else is married it's lonley but tommorow they'll all be here, i need to tell them my good news!

Im abit of a cheeky girl....not in that way;) but i do love pranks, some people think i'm a badass little shit but frankly i don't care. Let the haters hate!! I have 3 best mates, Nikki (she's quite a rocker but at heart i know she loves to be girly sometimes, she's my Kitty because i know shes always there for me and i'll always be there for her too thats why i'm her Teddy), Amber (my one direction buddayyy, i think she'll die at my news, bless gotta love her) and Ed (ed's awsome he's my best guy friend, known him all my life so can't complain at nothin, he's always been there for me an iv'e always got his back)

Oh yeah i love to sing, playing the piano is a nessecity and well i sent a disk of me singing to SYCO even though mum said not to,she didn't want me to get hurt but Simon wrote back to me,it worked, my dreams going to come true, i cant fucking believe it, god i will miss everybody, but at least one of thems comming with me, i can't wait till tommorow, but first SLEEP!

night everyone!!<3


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