I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


9. I'm Sorry Boo...

My P.O.V

"OOOOOOOO PIZZA'S HERE EVERYBODY!!!!!!" Niall screamed as he ran eagerly towards the front door, he came clambering back with six pizza boxes and three massive bottles of pepsi and we all tucked in, not leaving any peices of pizza left in the boxes. After we'd finished El' phone rang.
"Boo i've gotta go see mum, she wants me to do something, i'll be back later on for bed sweetie, love you soo much" she kissed him lightly on his perfect lips and he smiled so sweetly back
"Okay love, i'll miss you every second your gone" thats so sweet she really doesn't deserve him. Nows the time to tell him, god i hope he isn't too mad.
"Ermmm Lou, can i talk to you upstairs please, you did say you would" i looked at him deeply with my own version of the puppy dog eyes. And he took out his hand and softly replied
"Okay love, lets go" so we ran up the stairs and i went into his room sat down on his bed and patted for him to sit next to me.

Louis's P.O.V

Maries so sweet i wonder why she wants to talk to me, god i hope it isn't bad news, i hate it i know ill cry if its about El, then and there is when it all changed my life came crashing down with every word she spoke
"I'm so sorry Lou but you had to know about it, i know one direction are strong but El isnt your soulmate not If she did that with Zayn whilst you were sat downstairs." Im just speachless i could feel the tears running down my face i couldnt move, couldnt speak she cheated on me with one of my best friends how could she, i thought she was the one, i could tell that marie knew how shook up i was, she hugged me until the tears stopped and all i could blubber out was
"Thanks for being honest, your an amazing person but right now some people have some explaining to do." She fully understood and as she nodded her dainty head i heard the door slam shut and that oh so familiar voice that i didn't want to hear shout my name.

Running down the stairs and throwing myself on the sofa i had a look that would kill you if it could everyone could sense something was wrong.
"Boo whats the matter?"
"DONT BOO ME" i screamed whilst mimicking her
"w...whats up?"
"YOU AND HOW YOU FUCKING CHEATED ON ME WITH ZAYN" i retaliated so badly i know but i couldnt help it look what shes made me do, she was speachless as my rant continued
"Thanks a bloody bunch El, i honestly thought you were gonna be the one as well, and zayn i know its not your fault mate i just wish you'd of told me when it happened, so as for you Miss.Calder were done, you can fuck off out of the house now" i think i handled the second part better than the first as i harshly pointed at the door. I could see her walk over, i know i probably broke her heart but she broke mine first.
"I'm sorry boobear, i'll never forget you" she said as she shed one tear and left my life for good....

All the boys and the two girls comforted me that night, me and Zayn talked and were cool now but i think im going to move on fairly quickly this time i mean we have our tour in a few weeks with Nikki and i'm always going to be near Marie, the only girl to make me feel like El did, maybe Maries diffrent we'll just wait and see.

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