I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


2. Big News TIme!

My P.O.V

Waking up that morning i was overjoyed i can't wait to tell them, today was going to be magical. Scanning through my phone after i got dressed to see if there was anything new on twitter when my eyes fixated on one tweet...

@SYCO_NEWS; Can't wait for you all to meet the newest member of our team, were so happy you're with us sweetie, see you sunday ~ 'Uncle Simon' x

ASDFGHJKL THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! right what else is there... *beep beep* ooo new text

            From:Tez x; You commin downstairs ye nugget, were all ere' waitin for ya xx

Oh shitt yeah gotta tell them the news :') sliding into my teddybear slippers, i skipped downstairs, everybody just stared at me

"your rediculously happy today ain't ye Sam?" Tez stated
"way to state the obvious Tez" i said whilst poking her "oh yeah its MARIE as well ye nugget!"
she slightly laughed at my remark.
"Sooooo what d'ya have to tell us sis, i ain't got all day" Leo whined
"charmed to see you too big brother, always the person to make you feel loved" i sarcastically proclamed, everybody sniggered.
"well, what i have to tell you is, i'm going to be famous, i'm moving to London on sunday with nikki, i'll keep you updated on my fame but im moving in with one direction, touring with them and everything, Simons so happy to have me in syco, i couldn't miss this oppertunity i just couldn't" i gasped for air at the end of my speach when suddenly eveybody burst out laughing exept for Tez
"Oh Sam darling how you make me laugh" mother poshly spoke
"Mum i don't think she's lying, i know my sister and this time she's telling the truth, she's not crossed her legs, fiddled with her hair nothing, mum she's telling the truth..."

Im shocked that she didn't believe me my own mother, never mind she knows now, everybody rushes towards me and hugs me tenderly, floods of happy tears surrounding the room and the usual 'well done' 'so happy for you' 'so proud of you' stuff now for facebook.

I sat down eagerly waiting for my computer to log on as i decided on what my status was going to be, finally i decided...

                      ~ Hello everybody,look i know not everybody is going to be sad and not everybody will be happy at my news but, i'm moving... yup i know strange right but it's not exactly local, i'm moving to London, the reason why i'm going is because i'm going to be a singer, SUCK ON THAT MOFO's I GOT INTO SYCO! so for everyone even the haters thank you, the haters made me stronger and the people i love help me be me.

Don't worry though - Amber ~ you can visit anytime you want hunny, i'll always be here for you! anytime you need any comfort please call me, don't stop being you, i love ya<3<3
Ed  ~ hey buddy, gonna be weird without ya but know i'll stay in touch and try to visit when i can theres always a place for ya in London, see ya buddy xxxxxxx (by the way, hurry up and ask amber out will ya, i know how good you'll be;)!) 

Nikki/Kitty!!! ~ you don't have to worry bout anything, your comming with me!!!!!!!!! i couldn't leave you, so pack your stuff biatch and meet me sunday at 4am my house, love you sweetcheeks;)<3<3<3<3<3<3
So yeah thanks for reading this guys, honestly will miss everybit about being here but i can't wait to go, will tell you regually whats happning with me and stuff, oh yeah any directioners that i never knew about, I'M STAYING WITH THEM!!! tweet me if you need me bye :D<3 ~

30mins later......

holy crap!!! 378people have liked my status and 72 have commented :o! scanning who sent the comments i come accross lots of hate from directioners, people saying they don't believe me but theres a light at the end of it, Ed, Amber and Nikki are all sticking up for me :') god i do love them!! All of a sudden there was a knock at my door
"Nikki?? why are you here??" i soothly asked, she looked terrible, like she'd just sat down crying, no Nikki don't cry, too late, Nikki burst out into tears right in my bedroom door.
"Dad saw me packing for sunday, he thought i was g.g.going so he, Marie he hit me then threw me out the house with all my stuff saying i'm a worthless peice of shit, such a crap daughter he murmered some other stuff but i couldn't hear because he shut the door, is it alright if i stay here, it'll be like a 3 day sleepover?" she blubbered
"Awh Nikki of corse it's okay, shh now lets go to sleep" i said hugging her tightly. Crawling under my sheets i thought how could Mr.Delse do that to her!!! The sound of Nikki snoring next to me assured me it was fine to text Lou about sunday, i don't want to stay here whilst Mr.Delse is so close to Nikki, suddenly my phone vibrated.

From: Lou:D; Hey Marie, Simon asked if it would be okay if you came tomorow night, the boys and i are so fucking exited to see you and Nikki, i'm sure were gonna be great mates, text me back when you get it, seeyaaa xxx

To: Lou:D; Hey Loulou, yea thats gonna be fine i was acctually gonna ask if we could come sooner, tell the lads to text me i've only got your number, seeya soon Lou, i really can't wait to meet you all xxxx

Todays been amazing, bring on tomorow with the boys, i thought to myself as i drifted off asleep in bed....

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