I'm Yours Forever

What happens to Marie's when her life gets changed dramatically. Meeting new people isn't easy but meeting these boys definitely were! So much fun, happiness, sucsess, Love.... Will her world stay perfect or will it just become complicated?


10. 2 months on x

Harry's P.O.V

2 months have passed since El broke my LouLou's heart but i know my Luigi better than any off them and if im not mistaken he could be in loveee!!! I'll fill you in with what youve missed...

Niall asked Nikki out which is sweet because he did it on our first live concert in London :') bless him so they've been dating for well over a month, fair to say i was jelous at first but not really anymore you grow to accept that people you love wont neceserally feel the same about you. It's really no big deal though because today Marie told us her cousins comming to see us in concert and i already said that she can meet us after the show!!!

Lou was abit down for about two weeks, he never spoke to any of us lads only ever Marie, i guess shes really helped him through it, he needs someone like Marie, honestly shes lovely to him he just needs to wake up and smell the roses!

Tying my bow tie up before the show in Liverpool was awsome i knew that in an hour i'd get to meet Maries cousin, she's told us so much about her and frankly she sounds exactly like the kind of girl i'd go for. But we'll see, running out on stage with the boys is always a buzz looks like 'the vibe' (Marie an Nikki) really do put the crowd in a good vibe for our show. Singing what makes you beautiful is always my favorite song because i know one day i'll be able to sing it to the girl of my dreams.... Cheesy right i know it is xD.

Anyway after the concert finnished we were all buzzing!! Nially boy spun Nikki round, they kissed and embraced eachother tightly. I looked round and saw Lou pissing himself laughing because of something Marie said, they really do suite eachother alot more than him and El ever did, Perrie came to see Zayn so he was over the moon and they sat down and chatted whilst holding eachothers hands softly and as for Liam well lets jut say Dani and him made up and he's now probably in his dressing room making sure her hair looks perfect or her outfit isnt creased hes such a gentleman. Me on the otherhand is standing like a goon on my own with my hands in my pockets waiting for the meet and greet.

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