Niall, my only one

My name is Ella I´m 18 years old, and I´m not what you call an average girl. I´m different. That´s what I know, I don´t know if it´s good or bad. anyway, my parents died in a car accident. I live with my older sister, who no one can stand. Yhe only reason I´m living is to be able to be with my best friend, Niall. We´ve known each other since we were 6. He may be famous, but he is still the same. My house is burnt down and i´m left alone while my older sis moves back to America to find a better job. But the thing is..As my everything is burnt down, I stay with Niall over at his house, but as he finds out what I feel..will my frienship be burnt down with the rest of me?


3. what..

"Niall,please..tell me..I need to..I-I need to know..please" I say giving too much away on who I like. Ella I...I don´t want to hurt you, I wa-" "You wanted to what Niall!?" I yell at him as I stand up.  You can see the sadness,anger and disappointment in  my eyes. I grabed my phone and quickly ran outside. As I get outside, I realize all the times I´ve tried being mad at him, I end up giving up. I can get mad easily at people who aren´t important in my life but Niall is the only person I care about. So I just sit down in his front patio, on the floor, with my knees flexed next to my torso. I´m currently balling my eyes out crying. 

I hear the front door open. Niall comes and sits next to me but sits in a different position. "May I help you Niall?" I ask not minding I´m crying to death. "Yes, you´ve always helped me on everything.I can´t live witout you, but the thing here is...Can I help you?" He asks with his beautiful, thick, Irish accent. "Niall, tell me..who do you like..?" I ask him a bit more steady. Right after I asked he leaned in, looked at me for literally 2 seconds straigh in the eyes, and quickly pressed my lips against his, but the kiss lasted for about 15 seconds. I could feel butterflies in my stomach and a spark run through my body. As we pulled back, Niall couldn´t help smile shyly. "Niall, what was that for, I never tol-" I was cutoff by Niall: "I know you like me Ella. I know it was you who woke me up with a kiss and not the "noisy" door" he says.  "Did you just kiss me cause I like you?" I ask, still crying a bit, but this time of hapiness, becuase I have the best friend in the whole wide world. "Niall?" I ask again still trying to get a reponse. "No" is his simple, but effective answer.

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