Niall, my only one

My name is Ella I´m 18 years old, and I´m not what you call an average girl. I´m different. That´s what I know, I don´t know if it´s good or bad. anyway, my parents died in a car accident. I live with my older sister, who no one can stand. Yhe only reason I´m living is to be able to be with my best friend, Niall. We´ve known each other since we were 6. He may be famous, but he is still the same. My house is burnt down and i´m left alone while my older sis moves back to America to find a better job. But the thing is..As my everything is burnt down, I stay with Niall over at his house, but as he finds out what I feel..will my frienship be burnt down with the rest of me?


2. The uncomplete thought

As I walk into his house, I find him taking a nap on his couch. I don´t know what part of me decided to do it, but I slowly leaned in and kissed him on the lips...Atleast he didn´t wake up instantly but he did after a few minutes...

"Hey Niall, didn´t mean to wake you up, your front door makes a lot of noise!" I say making this excuse up. "It´s fine, I´m glad your here" He replies with a sleepy voice and he hasnt even opened his eyes yet. "Do you wanna spend the night today Ella?" he asks. "Sure, I´d love to" I say with a smile. Now that he´s opened his eyes he´s staring at me and it´s getting a bit creepy... "What´s wrong Niall?" I ask making him notice it´s noticable he´s looking at me without blinking. "Nothing, your just really hot today" he said making me blush. "Thank you, I know" I respond joking making him chuckle a bit. I´m not the most likeable person or the yeah. "Am I hot today?" asks Niall wanting to keep the conversation going. "You always are" I said with a flirty/fun wink. We always flirt but I don´t think he really likes me...

Niall lays on the couch again and says: "I´m tired" like a baby. "Me too" I reply as  he pats a spot next to him cueing me to move next to him, and I do. For some girls this may be wierd but when you´ve known someone for 12 years and you practicly know them better than you know yourself and see them everyday; it´s not that awkward anymore. "Who do you like?" randomly asks Niall breaking the silence, "Why? do you like someone?" "Yes" He replies simply. "Who?" I wonder trying not to sound desperate to know. "A girl...named.." there was a long pause. He knew something was going on, he knew i was hiding something so for my "best" he doesn´t finish that sentence, but it just hurts me more.

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