Niall, my only one

My name is Ella I´m 18 years old, and I´m not what you call an average girl. I´m different. That´s what I know, I don´t know if it´s good or bad. anyway, my parents died in a car accident. I live with my older sister, who no one can stand. Yhe only reason I´m living is to be able to be with my best friend, Niall. We´ve known each other since we were 6. He may be famous, but he is still the same. My house is burnt down and i´m left alone while my older sis moves back to America to find a better job. But the thing is..As my everything is burnt down, I stay with Niall over at his house, but as he finds out what I feel..will my frienship be burnt down with the rest of me?


8. The shot that passed through my life

I don't think I really told anyone this but Niall, you see, Amy's friend, Emily, her dad, is a criminal, I told Niall to be alert, becuase he is a maniac not
Even the police has authority nor strength to control. I just know it was him because our town is really calm and quiet, and Emily's dad, Rob is out of his mind.
We know we can't stop him, but we know he shot someone because of the quite often,loud and desperate screaming. "NO, WHY? WAS THIS NESSECARY?!?!" I hear a woman scream.
"Ella, I'm gonna see what's going on over there, stay here and call the police" he says in his calmest voice ever. "Niall, don't if you go, I go" I say willing 100% to give my life for Niall. "I can't take that chance" He replies. "Well, now it is, and I'm going, you stay here"' I say. "we're both going, I'm not letting anyone touch not even one hair of yours"'says Niall sweetly, we both know that's the final desicion. We both run, as fast as our feet can go. When we reach the point where Rob was, we saw a dead body on the ground, bleeding, Niall's only reaction to the scene was the frase: "Holy shit " making the terrorist notice us. He held out his gun, he triggered it, but as soon as I saw his gun held out, my natural instict was to run, that was my brain's though, but my heart countered. I ran a few large steps and Jumped over Niall, throwing us both on the floor. Me on top of him, I had just saved his life, but the impact was huge.
I quickly stood up, Niall followed. Rob had horendous aim, which for us was an advantage. He held his gun out again, this time I had no time to react, but luck was with me and he was out of shots.
Suddenly he pulled out a gun from his jacket and shoved his gun into a black trash bag he carried around. I'm good with normal weapons since I've been doing/ practicing martial arts as long as my brain's memory can hold. He just came running tords Niall, I wasn't as a big tartet as Nialler
Though. Niall just ran the opposite direction from me, I guess it was to let me escape or draw attention from me, but I knew I wouldn't let him do that, so I ran as fast asy legs would let me, and stood right infront of Rob
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