Niall, my only one

My name is Ella I´m 18 years old, and I´m not what you call an average girl. I´m different. That´s what I know, I don´t know if it´s good or bad. anyway, my parents died in a car accident. I live with my older sister, who no one can stand. Yhe only reason I´m living is to be able to be with my best friend, Niall. We´ve known each other since we were 6. He may be famous, but he is still the same. My house is burnt down and i´m left alone while my older sis moves back to America to find a better job. But the thing is..As my everything is burnt down, I stay with Niall over at his house, but as he finds out what I feel..will my frienship be burnt down with the rest of me?


11. leaving you....

I took out my phone and looked through all the text messages I'd gotten, I had A LOT. I had several texts from Brady, he's cool, I was going to see them after I saw the ones with my Sis. I was walking down the normal route I'd daily take, but then I bumped into Brady, A kid who is neighbors with me and Mr.Liar (Niall). "Hey Ella" He said too sweetly, he likes me, he admitted it last year.. "Hey..Brady" I say. "Ella..look I was wondering..if you maybe..wanted to...go out..on a date..with me?" He said shyly. "At seven" he added. "I-I don't know, sorry,I'll text you, bye" I said and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and he stopped me. "Ella, please" "I don't know...I think Maybe..I don't know.." I said becuase I am really confused. "Maybe this'll help" He said and kissed me full lips. Wow. He's...Ok, I guess...but I'm still not sure. Right now, everyone and everything means nothing to me. I´m not even important, if I was I wouldn´t have to be forced to pass through all of these problems which sew back together but cause pain in moment. I officially hate everything. I should get going over to Emily´s house. My phone vibrated twice, which means, text message. From, Niall. ´Ella, I swear to you, I was framed, yes, I know Megan but we never had anything or ever will, she just does that cause sluts like her want nothing but publicity. please reply, I promise to you with my heart that I would never do that, I already have a perfect girlfriend and I wouldn´t change her for anything, not even the whole world, please understand´ Read the long text message. ´Sure, not falling for more shit k?´ I reply. I guess I´m not sad but angry at everything.This is getting too cheesy for me. "Where am I going?" I mumble to myself. Another two vibrates. ´Ella, look, please, give me one chance I´ll explain everything to you, please, and if it still doesn´t make sense, you can leave, please x´ Stated the new text from Niall. ´fine´ I replied just to get him off of my mind for atleast five whole minutes. I sat down on the closest bench next to the other lake. I put my elbows on my knees and put my head down, and just started thinking. "Ella, listen to me" said Niall who had now sat next to me. "How´d you freakin find me" I say. "Followed you" he said calmly. "Well what do you want?" I say clearly frustrated. "Look, I used to be Megan´s friend, I never went out with her, she still likes me, i´m pretty sure you guessed that part, but there´s nothing between us. I wouldn´t even go close to that bitch anymore, all she wants is to meet Harry. Every time we talked she´d talk about how perfect Harry was and that she wanted to meet him and I just couldn´t stand her anymore, and just stopped replying texts,calls, everything. She texts me everyday no matter how many times I tell her none of the boys are into sluts, specially me. Please, i know there´s not any proof, but you have to believe in my word like it is proof, becuase if you don´t believe me I will jump off a bridge, not kidding..maybe a bit, but I would." He said while I stay In my position, the one I´ve been in since I sat on this old, wooden bench. I believe Nialler but I´m not letting him get away with excuses this time, I don´t want him to tell me he only wants me I want him to show it. "I believe you but I think we should just be friends, not girlfriend and boyfriend or best friends, just normal neighbors...or atleast until I know who to trust and what to do because right now I´m as confused as shit" I say, still in the same position. "But i don´t want that" Niall replies to my decision. "Well then who do you love, and whoever you love show them you do, don´t tell them." I say. Niall leans in and kisses my cheek. "What was that for" I say bitterly sweet. "You told me to show love for the persosn I love." he says cutely. "I meant Megan" I say hesitating. "But I don´t love her, I don´t even like her as a person." He says. "Well then...Go do that to Zayn or something" I say. "Ella, seriously." He says and looks at me straight in the eyes as I change form my position to leaning back on the bench with comfort.  "Ella, who do you love?" niall suddenly asks. "No one" I say with a straight face. "Ella, please." he says. "No one, no one has showed they love me, so why spend time loving them when they forget boxers at their "ex-friends´house?""  "forget that." He leaned in and kissed me on full lips, and my heart told me to kiss back, so I did. We kept kissing, Niall pressed his lips harder towards mine and I did too. He put his hand on my waist and I put my arms secured around his neck. We kept kissing. Thoughts ran through my mind, I felt so secure here with Niall. We pulled away, it kept me wanting more though. "Niall....I love you. but I still don´t think you love me..." I say sadly. "I do, I´m afraid of losing you, every day, and today came the day I´ve feared for over 10 years, please." he says desperatley. I just pull him into a tight, warm hug, and assure him it was a Ýes, fine, I believe you.´

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