Niall, my only one

My name is Ella I´m 18 years old, and I´m not what you call an average girl. I´m different. That´s what I know, I don´t know if it´s good or bad. anyway, my parents died in a car accident. I live with my older sister, who no one can stand. Yhe only reason I´m living is to be able to be with my best friend, Niall. We´ve known each other since we were 6. He may be famous, but he is still the same. My house is burnt down and i´m left alone while my older sis moves back to America to find a better job. But the thing is..As my everything is burnt down, I stay with Niall over at his house, but as he finds out what I feel..will my frienship be burnt down with the rest of me?


9. Just let me fall, because I know you'll catch me

He just ran towards me...but then stopped as he heard a siren..Someone called which was good cause He is right in front of me..with a knife. Anyway, Niall is on the floor, I'm guessing he hurt his right knee. As the police came in and Rob ran, I ran over to Nialler. "Niall what's hurting" I ask him. "My..fuckin..knee" he says pausing because of clear pain, he was sweating, and I know him for many,many years and I recognize every reaction. I took my cracked phone out of my pocket, wasn't thay big though,and dialed to an ambulance. I was acting calm..too calm. "Hi, you´ve dialed 911 for an ambulance, this call is being recorded" spoke a lady. "I need an ambulance for what is a murder, one died the other is severly hurt." "Ok, We´ll locate your phone and go to the exact location, an ambulance will arrive in 5 minutes" she said. "thank you, bye" I said and hung up the phone. As I put it away in my back pocket, I turned around to see that Rob was bitchy enough to shoot the police.

As we made eye contact he soon ran and I would´ve ran too but I wasn´t leaving Niall, never. So I did just cover my face. He put a hand over my mouth and dragged me, I heard Niall cursing out trying to run. Then I just saw a black nothing. Black, as I lost concsious quickly. 

I woke up finding myself next to a dumpster at the end of a dark alley. As I came back, I noticed I wass still at the mall, anyway I spotted the place where this shitty scene occured and well, Niall wasn´t there. Why does all the frakin bad luck come to me? This scene just seemed unreal. 


I was on Niall´s on couch, On Niall. What the heck? It was only a dream, Niall is ok and so is everyone. It´s still dark what seems 2:00 A.M. "Niall..." I whispered in his ear. "Yes.." He said in a sleepy voice. "Niall, I just had the worst nightmare ever, you were in it, and you were hurt, and I was ok, and I can´t bear that thought" I said as my sensitive self let a tear roll down my cheek. "It´s ok babe..Im fine" He said. "Yeah, but still." I countered. "ok....Your hand fits in mine like there made just for me.." he started singing softly. He sang ´Little Things´ as I fell asleep to his soothing voice. Man, I love it.

I opened my eyes and saw that Niall was still sleeping. He looked so cute. So, I just fluttered my eyes closed and just enjoyed the moment. Still terrified by last night´s nightmare, which I´m pretty sure will haunt me for what seems ever, forever...The creepy part is that Rob is real. And he´s as maniatic as he was in my nightmare. A tear rolled down my cheek, because of how lucky I am to have the best boy in the world as my best friend, and boyfriend. 

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